Monday, October 15, 2012

But I don't like gold!

I started painting the gypsy wagon last night. I'm using the color Magenta by Folkart:) And I really, really like it... so far. Then I started trying to figure out what color I wanted to do the trim in...If you look close, you can see that I did one in light pink, one in yellow, and I used blue. But I don't like it. So I had a look at one of my Pinterest boards this morning and it hit me.
I gotta do the trim in gold!
I'm just gonna have to learn to love it:)
 Here's the colors I started working with.... You know as well as I do.... these will change as I figure out what I want to do. There is still a lot to paint, but at least I got it started- Sometimes that is the hardest part:)
 Chops is still doing OK.... He hangs out in his tube most of the day...I think he feels safe in there:)
 And my last picture of the day is of JD..... I was taking pictures of an order I've been working on.. and as usual- He thought I needed help, lol. I love kitty shadows!!
Until Next Time...


Kim said...

I think the gold is going to look really good on the trailer. The black kitty shadow is perfect with all the halloween signs- you couldn't have asked for a better "accident" :)

Neen said...

The kitty shadow is a fabulous picture, love it!

Anonymous said...

Is the Gypsy Wagon a kit? It looks fun to make.