Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New Product in the Scrapbooking Aisle

Has anyone else seen this stuff:)
 You can find it in the scrapbook section at AC Moore's- I haven't seen it at Michael's yet...and those are the only 2 craft stores here. Anyways... It's just beautiful! And it comes it several different colors! It's a paper type of 'fluff'? After you stamp an image- you can go back and add glue and then add this stuff to make it look pretty- For example they had a flower basket stamped out... and added this to it to make it 3-D. But you know how us Miniaturists think! I saw plant flocking!

((Not sure what I was thinking yesterday when I wrote this- but this stuff is actually in the rubber stamp section- next to the mind is just not here!))
 So I found a plant that I liked at PetSmart- for a dollar!- and this is what I did...
 After taking it apart I repainted all the pieces with several coats of green paint. (They only have one coat in this picture)- I started with a dark green, and then will dry-brush these with lighter greens before...
 I Flock...or whatever you want to call it. At first I was using a toothpick- putting a dab of glue on each tip...But that took way to long- and by the time I got 1/2 way through it- I was using the glue bottle and just gluing
 I LOVE it! Ok, it may be a little too tall- but I'll figure that out. And now that I know what the 'finished' product looks like, I can just think of all the mini plants that I could Updo:)
 And as promised.... here's a few more things that I made for myself:) This is one of the end tables that I should you a few posts ago- I just added paper to the back of mine:)
This is one of my favorite scrapbooking papers- I just love the green against the tiny pink flowers:)
 This little chair was a gift from my sister. It used to be neon green, lol.
 I painted it red....then added rust spots. It's going to live on the front porch of MarshMallow Manor.
 And I've made books- sketch pads- journals.
I used the end of legal pads for the inside paper...One day- if I can find some more legal pads, I will show you what I mean. I just can't think of how to explain it:) Duh!
I still have a few more things to show you.... so...

Until Next Time...


KK said...

Many thanks for this Katie - I've seen this stuff used a miniature 'bath salts' & never knew what it was! Now I can go get me some! Very much appreciated!
Love your little items, they are really lovely! x

Fabiola said...

You found wonderful items.
I like the paper you added on the furniture.
Bye Faby

Kathi said...

Thanks for sharing the tip about the flower flocking stuff. Gotta find some! :D
I love your little cabinet. So cute!

DLSarmywife said...

oooh I saw the flower soft stuff at JoAnn' last weekend! (sadly I was on a 'just-looking' trip) But I will be getting some soon! I never would have though to add it to commercial fish tank plants! That is just brilliant!

I love your furniture redos and those books are fantastic as well! I hope you find some more legal pads, because I'd love to see how you made those! They are super cute!

Michelle said...

The stuff has been around in the UK for a few years and I think its wonderful! You can get every colour under the rainbow and I've seen it used for some different things in mini's. :o) You have made some wonderful plants and flowers. :o)

Michelle :o))

Marisa said...

I went to their website, it's pretty sweet :)