Saturday, March 23, 2013

Finally getting back to the store..

I was finally able to sit down and get the stacked signs listed in the store.
I am so ready for summer and the warm weather.
I'm ready to put my toes in the sand and lay in the sun!
 If you look to the right of the first picture you will see what I started working on before I broke my fingers, lol. It's a mermouse (half mermaid-half critter)... well this one looks like Arthur from PBS... But I have a mermouse, a merbear and a merdog... But... I have misplaced them, lol. I got the idea from the Brambly Hedge book Sea Story. I'm working on the house and it's one of the toys in one of the pictures. I'll keep looking for them... I'm keeping one and selling the others....
That little blue birdhouse was one of the first birdhouse that I ever made. It is not for sale, but I hadn't realized before what a good photo prop it is.
 Thought I'd also drop off a few photographs I've altered lately..
This is something I can do, lol...
This was a statue that was laying down and broken at a flea market that we visit...
I love the shadows on her..


 ...And I love this little girls rusts spots...
 ....and then there's Boogs:)
He looks like a wolf here..
One day I want to paint this.
When I can hold a paint brush again.
...And Casey- We are down to 10 cats. I'd still like to rehome a set of brothers.. but they're staying until the find the right Forever Home together! Oneday I'll try and do a master post about all of them. And Otis is fine- He has control over the house again:) Although Cleo bosses him around and it's pretty funny- but she's always done that.
It's been a month since I've broke my fingers, and although my middle finger is still black..
I am starting to use my thumb and index finger.
 And I am finally starting to bend my ring finger.
I go in Thursday for xrays and we will see what happens then.
I am going to do a master post over on my other blog here soon with all the pictures and updates.
I have finally gotten diagnosed with POTS!
That only took 8 years!
And as usual I have several other Big things to go over...
I'm not sure if I heard correctly the other day...
 but they- Well I-  might of found the needle in the hay stack. :)
When I understand it.. I will blog about it:)
But until then... I'm off to daydream about all the things I want to make:)
Until Next Time..


Fabiola said...

Your new items are wonderful.
I hope your fingers heal all very soon.
Greetings, Faby

Lucille said...

Your mermouse is adorable. What a wonderful inspiration to do something like that. I'm so relieved that you can do a bit of work with your fingers being the way they are. I hope they keep on healing well. Take care. I never knew much about cats but now that my daughter has acquired two, I'm starting to know more and her cat stories are quite amusing. She sure does love her cats!

Ara said...

I have been out of blogger-touch for so long I did not realize you broke your fingers! What a mini-makers nightmare!! I am glad to hear you are on the mend and getting back to your beautiful work! I have not heard of POTS but I pray the diagnosis is a good thing and they can do something about it! hugs, Ara

Kim said...

oh that little mermouse! It is adorable!! I am glad to hear that your fingers are getting a bit better and that you are finally diagnosed-but a bit disgusted too that you had to work so hard to get diagnosed. I hope this means that things will get a bit easier for you with an official diagnosis. sending you hugs Katie!!♥