Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Go away bugs!

It's just that time of year when the garden is blooming, and I want to be outside...
But the Mosquitos are terrible.. Lol. I even had to bring Fred in.. He's our only outside kitty- and he's more of a porch monkey than anything:)

Today he's a house cat... Sorry buddy. Your staying inside with us- your little butt is red!

I'm moving at a snails pace over here.. But I'm moving. I got a bad case of ADD. Do a little of this, go look for that, find something pretty, and onto the next project I go.. Forgetting why I ever came in that room to begin with... Ugg. 

I am on a mission. I would like to get these birdhouses done and outta my bed. I do a lot of work here.. I can watch movies and relax. ....... Until Otis or Rufus  or Cleo or u get the idea.. But if I'm sitting- one of them thinks my lap is where they belong. (Yes- Otis just sat down!) He doesn't relealize he's not staying today... I have things to do.. 

Like show you one last picture.. These got listed this morning.. I was gonna sell one and keep one but the I decided to sell them as a set. I hope you like them, too:)

So until next time... I got a kitty to run off:)


Indy_Poppy said...

I really like the key hole idea. Very cute. Indypoppy

Sans! said...

I think your new birdhouses are wonderful! Definitely those in the posts below as well. Love the legs!

I also like that your enlarge your pictures now. Great photography , Katie!

Fabiola said...

Your birdhouses are original. I like them.
You've a beautiful cat.
Greetings, Faby

Marisa said...

if you put up a bird feeder (I have a cheap one that I hang up in the tree outside) the birds will get rid of the Mosquitos, just make sure it's up high so the cat cant get the birds.