Sunday, July 21, 2013

That time of year again

I took Cora to camp on Saturday and just  wanted to share a few pictures with you.. Sorry for the gap in posts... I will return to everything shortly:)
The first picture is of The German Valley in West Virginia.. 

Then that's a picture of Cora walking across the rock beds at Audra State Park in West Va. This place is beautiful!! I only wish we could of spent more time and that we had both the boys with us- but this was a Girls Trip only. Just me and my daughter;)

And last we have The Seneca Rocks in West Va. I drive by these on the way up and on the way back... The picture doesn't do it justice- it's huge! I'll never forget the first time we drove by it years ago and stopped with all the other tourist to take pictures. And my youngest son said "I don't get it, it's just a rock..." Lol.. Well yes! But have you ever seen a rock that big? :)

Until Next Time...


Ana Anselmo said...

great pics!!! thank you for sharing!

Mary Ellen said...

Truly beautiful!

Lucille said...

Lovely scenery! It's always nice to have one on one time with our daughter!

Sans! said...

Mother -daughter time, what can be more precious than that? Especially if there's a view to match :).

Marisa said...

I always like going on nature hikes and crossing streams..the water is so clear.

it looks like you had a wonderful time


Celia said...