Monday, July 8, 2013

A little secret...

Some days.. Listing an item will make you want to pull your hair out.. Thought I'd take a minute to explain myself.. lol... My best friend says I give away all my secrets.. And I try and tell her that's the point. When I make something from 'trash'... As we all do... I try and turn it into gold, and some days I get carried away with it and make armies of em'. For example.. The Monolopy houses.. I have painted a lot of Monolopy houses and resold them for a profit. Yes.. The are just a Monolopy House. But when I get done with it, I'd like to think I've turned something that most people might see as a tiny piece of Art. And who in the world has time to sit around and paint Monopoly houses??? I do, lmao... Yea.. That's me.. Sitting over here keeping my 8 1/2 fingers busy.. But.. My point here is.. She doesn't think I should tell people what is is that I'm working with and yet I feel as if it's part of my being. I like recycling.. I reuse the Monolopy money too.. Yuppers, it gets stapled together in stacks and becomes mini notepads in my purse.. Now there's recycling at its finest... Now where's all this going? And where are the Pictures?? Lol.. Hold on!

This is a set that my Mom picked up for me for $3.00. It was unfinished, unsanded.. Uneverything.. 

So I sanded... And sanded... Which btw.. I use an emery board.. Always have because I have better control with it.. And I sanded some more.. Then I painted, and did another coat, and another and another and then the sanding begun again.. 

To make some thing look old.. You have to put a lot of work into it!! 

So the question becomes... Should I or shouldn't I? I dunno... I just do...

It's who I am. Not matter what mom paid for it, I still put a days work into it:)

Until Next Time...


Anna said...

love it!!! i do the same ( not to trhe point of your perfection!!! ) all the time..although haven;t tried the Monopoly houses, which by the way is a splendid idea!!! Why not tell people..that's the fun of it!

otterine said...

I see no difference between selling something trash to treasure and buying raw supplies to craft something delightful. It's your mark, your style that you put on it that makes it a OOAK piece and worth the price you put on it.

Indy_Poppy said...

The furniture looks great. Don't forget miniaturises can see the number of hours gone in to make or adapt something. I think people who don't craft don't always see the work, which is a real shame. I recently saw a baby quilt in a craft shop window... Others were looking at it complaining about its $60 price tag. I was really disappointed that they couldn't see the work in it...hrs and hrs plus all the fabric etc.

Lucille said...

I like the finish on your furniture. Hope your fingers are coming along well. It's surprising how quickly accidents happen.

Sans! said...

You know Katie, you can show people exactly how you get it done and still not everyone can make the stuff like you do.

We all re-cycle. When I buy from you, I am not buying the monopoly house , I am buying a piece of your artistry and your re-interpretation and your talent. And I think it is worth every cents that I paid.

Don't painters start their art with a humble canvas and paints and brushes? For us, our canvas may be a bottle cap or a plastic bottle or a monopoly house.

rosanna said...

And you are perfectly right doing it.
Raw materials often costs very little but work, ingenuity, passion and lots of trials and errors must be repaid.
So it doesn't matter if you had this set for $3.00 or 1/2 cent , it is YOUR ability and dexterity into turning it into something truly special that must be rewarded.
Keep going like this, you are an example.
I wish you all the best, Rosanna

Yolanda Morán said...

Me gusta mucho como ha quedado, un gran trabajo.
Un abrazo.

Fabiola said...

A great work. I like your furniture.
Greetings, Faby

Ana Anselmo said...

I love it! great work and inspiration, as usual!
lots of hugs

A. Wright said...

My email to you bounced back as undeliverable. So I'm putting it here :D

I don't know if you have room or would even want this, but I thought of you right away.

FREE on craigslist, a build Garfield Dollhouse. No jokecheck it out


Houston said...

This is awesome!

Deni said...

What on earth are Monolopy houses?
sounds interesting!