Friday, December 11, 2009

Some fun gifts!

Chris from Candid Canine recently sent me a package......and I'd thought I'd share everything with you......

First is a puppy for Cora's House

Then there's these awesome green high heels.....They are so cute!!

Next we have some prints....a bunny....and a little basket with some little books in it.

Then there was Christmas stuff! A cake, and cookies...a wreath, a puppy with a Santa hat on...and one of Santa's boots.

She also included some more plants for my little haunted dinner, Frankie's Place, which has totally outgrown it's own room box! Although I think the one with the little pink flower may go into Katie's Corner. It's one of my favorites!!

And then there was a terrarium! How neat is that!!! Thanks again Chris for all these fun gifts!!!

I also wanted to include some pictures of these kitties that my Dad recently brought back from Belgium. :)

They each have stickers on the bottom that say 'Hand-painted'......

And last but not least...we have another pic of Fred in one of her comfy spots......


Sans! said...

What great gifts they are :)! If it were me, it would have taken me forever to make so many things! Lucky you, lucky me (for yours) :). I am in love with Fred. Give her (?) to me? Love from Bangkok, Sans!

CA Verstraete said...

Glad you enjoyed it. I think the pink flower is too pretty for Frankie. ha!
Oh love the blue/white kitties. My family originated in Belgium. I had gone there some years back and got a few neat minis too like a small Dutch-style building sculpture (about 2" tall.)

DLSarmywife said...

What adorable little gifties!!! And that little Fred to just adorable.