Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Game....

I've got so much to talk about...even I'm overwhelmed! LOL!

Kim from Flowers and Art asked me to join in a game earlier this week, and well....I'm behind. You have to answer 8 questions about yourself and pass the ball on to someone else. So here goes:

1. The names you are called by...Well, guess that depends who you ask! The kids call me Mom......My friends call me Kate......My Mom and Susan:) call me Katrina....And when it's Katrina Marie....I know I'm in trouble, Hahaha! Some of my friends also call me Katie....which to me, was the friendliest of them all, so that's why I named my blog Katie's Corner.....sounded inviting!?!

2. 3 Items you are wearing.......

*My fuzzy leopard slippers

*Black and pink stripped sweat pants....

*And my 17th Street Surf Shop sweatshop

(Don't joke, I'm ALL about being comfortable!!)

3. Three things you did yesterday, last night and today.

Yesterday I worked on minis!!! (Pics to follow!!)

Last night I watched The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly with the bf and was in bed by 8! I was sooooooo tired!!! And today~well, it's still early, so let's think.......I fed all 13 of the cats! (That's including the 6 outside!) you can count, They're all still here!

4. Name 2 things you eaten......

I'm currently drinking my breakfast, does that count?? (Love my Carnation Instant Breakfasts!!!) and I had a couple of bites of Carrot Cake before I went to bed last night....I'm a sucker for sweets!!

5. 2 people I have rung today.....

(LOL...does ringing the kids count??? LOL)

I called Mom yesterday morning to see how she was......and I......can't think of who else I called?! I really hate calling anyone!

6. 2 things I will do today.....

That's a good question......not to sure what I'm gonna do today.......It's Saturday, the kids are gone....and I have a quiet house to myself:) Might just lay on the couch and watch movies??

7. 3 best loved drinks:

(lol, I am sooooo borning!)



Gatorade....the fruit punch and berry one!

8. Three things I intensely wish.

1. That my neighbor's dog would come home! He's really the glue that is holding that family together and Lane is heart broken without him!

2. That my family could get over the BS long enough to Be Family! Oh....did I just say that out loud???

3. And then what about Happiness and Good health for everyone.....

And now the ball goes to Tessie from Casey's Minis

OK, I'll be back shortly with a mini update:)

Thanks Kim!!

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Kim said...

How sad to hear their dog is missing- I will say a prayer tonight that he returns home too. Thanks for playing Katie!!