Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rufus is Home!

.....and he couldn't get out of that box quick enough!
(See his messed up ear~ looks so much better than it did before!)
The lady at animal control had nicknamed him Big Daddy while he was there, and I told her she didn't know the half of it! LOL She also told me his neck is so thick that they couldn't pick him up by his scruff~ told ya he's a big dude!! He perked right up when he saw me and the kid....was rubbing on his cage and purring. The lady told me he'd been sitting in the back of the cage pouting for the past 2 days~ and after I thought about it, it was 2 days ago that I went and saw him....wonder if he was depressed that I left him? I tell you this much.....He is soooo happy to be home! Went right out to the gutter , dropped to the ground.....and had a good roll in the dirt!

But not before checking on the family! And were they happy to see him!! Here he is lounging with Momma and their 4 kittens.

I just love watching them play! That's Alice on top, Boogers on the bottom and Momma to the left.

Yup! We're one big happy family!


A. Wright said...

So happy to see he's with you all again, happy and safe. Yay Rufus!

Sans! said...

Sighhh, if I were there, I would bring some if not all of them home!

Caseymini said...

WELCOME HOME, RUFUS!!!!! Love the family album. All's well that ends well.

Kim said...

oh Rufus- I am so glad you have Katie to watch over you. He sure looks happy to be back with the family :)

Deni said...

Oh they are so cute!
Rufus puts me in mind when Miss Molly had to go to the vet! she was so mad I left her there!
She was facing the wall of the cage when I went to pick her up and the girls said you go get her, she is mad, been hissing at everyone and everything! as soon as I got her she was all smiles ! aren't they funny

Ana Anselmo said...

WOW! these pictures are so cute, and Rufus, he is "huge" LOL!!!! But Otis is still my favourite :)
hugs to all family including those with four legs

PS: Katie, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog.