Monday, June 14, 2010

And ya'll thought I had a lot of cats...

I got an email earlier pointing me in this direction: Go check it out.....I can wait..... :)

OMG! Talk about heaven! This is what we need! I could live on 30 acres with 500 cats.....and be completely happy, too! And look, there's even a blog!

Speaking of kitties.......Wanta meet mine?

We'll start with Pocus......our oldest kitty. She'll be 11 this year and has been with us since she was a couple weeks old. She's a bit of a food whore......Here she is in the pantry thinking about what could be in that McDonald's bag?!

And then there's JD, my guard dog. He's an outside kitty.... and lately his job has been to keep the outside kitties under lock down. NO one can come in our yard without his permission, lol!

Then there's Otis.....No matter who else comes along, he's still our baby! Here he is chewing on his nails.....

Remember Rufus......he's an inside kitty now! Right after he got fixed we let him back out, and before we knew it he was came home with one hell of a battle wound. So the bf took a tube sock, cut off the toes, and shoved it down around Rufus's neck.......he had a really yucky wound, that he kept scratching open, and this was the best way to keep him away from it.......You can see the sock under the ace bandage.....

He's fine now....and you can normally find him here:

(That's Jasper in the picture with him.......He sure loves his Daddy!) And he's the only one tough enough to wrestle with Daddy.

Next is Ninja kitty....he's so ninja, he slid though the crack in the wall in the bathroom, and is now an outside kitty again. This kitty head-butts harder than any cat I've ever met!

And then there's Bella girl. She sooooo sweet, sleeps right next to me and Otis every night! Oh, and she doesn't meow.....she squeaks!

Then there's T-boy. He's a sweetie, too.....He's just terrified of Rufus. (Mind you Rufus is his Daddy) He hides under Cora's bed 99% of the time....and Rufus sits at the door, waiting for him to make an appearance. I'd love to find him a nice quiet home to go to.

On to the 2nd litter........We start with crazy, lazy Fred. He's so lazy, he lays down to eat, lol. He's a sweet kitty, too.....just a little bit on the dumb side.

And he does a lot of this, (sitting on his butt) lol...... I have a lot of candid shots of Fred.

And last but not least is my Jasper....... Crazy, hyper Jasper. It's not Otis that wakes me up these's Jasper. He comes prancing across the bed and bites anything he can find. And generally he's bouncing across the bed every night as I fall asleep. Jasper's not a head-butter.... he's a face rubber. And if I take my glasses off, he thinks he needs to lick my strange!

So. I still have 2 more outside, too. Boogers and Maggie. Boogers (looks just like Fred, but he has a black spot right under his nose that looks like a booger) sits in the window and stares at us....he wants to come in, I just haven't let him in yet.....(And for the record, out of all the new litters that have come in, I'm only responsible for Fred. The bf is responsible for bringing in the rest!)

And then there's Maggie........Last week we were thinking that she might have a kitten or 2 under the porch....Then I saw her carrying one....Then Saturday.......she brought all 5 of them onto the porch. I called animal control for help....and they told me they'd only come get them if I could catch the Momma. ($##^^&%^....thanks guys!) So....I put the kittens in a cage....and waited for her to go in. But I'm too slow for her, and before I knew it~ she grabbed one and took off with it. And at that point, I was over it, so I said: 'Awe Hell....take um all why don't you!' And walked back inside. I will try again in a couple of days.

So this is my real excuse for not getting a thing done lately. I love all of them, but would like to find about half of them new homes. Good new homes. They're amazing kitties, it's just too much for me.

OMG.....I forgot Mini-T. (That's short for Mini Tabby) Daddy caught him last week......We think when Maggie had her babies, she chased him out of the yard. We found him sitting next door screaming, and of course Daddy (the bf) couldn't let that happen, so he moved him in, too. He's so little.......and so loud. Daddy was ready to put him back out on night 2, lol.

So...that's where I'm at with that.....

overwhelmed and in love


Sans! said...

No wonder you are called "Kat" :):). I have only 1 and is 17 this year. I am not allowed to have new ones until Xerxes is gone because he "will be so unhappy" as my housemate insist :).

Caseymini said...

Kat, you are well on your way to a "Cat Ranch"!!!They are all so cute. I wouldn't be able to put them out either. Good luck with them!

Jo Raines said...

Oh, my goodness! That's a lot of kitties! And they are so cute! Our kitty is back outside as well. I think she is happier.


Kim said...

I could totally be happy on 30 acres with 500 cats too- love them so much! I love all of your cats Katie- I wish I could give some of them a home for you.

Kathi said...

Wow! You DO have a lot of kats!
You are so sweet to take them all in and take such good care of them!!
I "only" have two cats but their size makes up for that!