Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mini Updates...

Looking through some pictures the other night, I realized that I've loved treehouse houses a lot longer than I thought. Wish I still had this one to play with......Yup~ that's me in the pic!

I promised you yesterday an update on my here goes:
Meet the mouse family! Yes, this poor family is still in the box~ and shall remain there until the house is done. They will reside in the Treehouse.....Just have to come up with a better name....I don't like that word 'milky'. LOL, I'm sure the name will come to me.....just have to stop thinking about it, huh?!

And last but not least........Look at the furniture I got for Marshmallow Manor. Calico Critters have a whole line of furniture...and every set comes with lots of accessories! I'm on the hunt for the bedroom set now......they're not cheap, so I my have to wait till my next birthday:)

See....for the most part the house is still as I left it.....You know what it is.....its those windows, well...the lack of windows that bothers me. And a front door would of been nice. We're not even gonna talk about that dusty floor, at least there is a floor....the upstairs is floor less. Maybe curtains would help?

Well......that's about it for now. Busy day today, and if I don't get my butt in gear, I may never leave the house.

So......until next time......


Ascension said...

La casita tiene una pinta fantastica, seguro quer te quedara genial!!!
Y a desde pequeñita se ve tu aficion por las minis jejejeje
besitos ascension

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

I had that very same tree house and played with it all the time, was one of my fave toys.
Found this one on ebay.
There are others there too and spare parts and people/figures to buy also.
I also saw some listed in canada and america.

Mercedes Spencer @ Liberty Biberty said...

My (much) younger sister had that same treehouse!! I think I played with it as much as she did!
Very cute pic!

Anonymous said...

Nice picture of you. I remember buying that treehouse for my children.

I keep getting marshmallow house and the tree house mixed up and wanting to come up with names like the Mellow family or the Marsh family.

A. Wright said...

Which bedroom set were you looking for Katie? There are several on Amazon, gotta be careful though sometimes the shipping can be pricey.

Sans! said...

Oooooo treehouses! I am going to build one one day! :) You were such a cutie pie :). Still is, just cutie now, no pie :).

Everytime I see your Marshmallow House, I want to bring out my own set and start building! Too many projects.