Monday, June 7, 2010

Yup! It's a shower!

I do believe that everyone that guessed was right. Hooray for you all! And thanks for playing along! for the shower, I still need to put in the shower head, which is something I probably should of thought about before I painted it, huh! Oh, well...there's always the drill. Also need to figure out what I did with that drain...LMAO!!! I put it up so I wouldn't loose it, and guess what....I lost it! Hahaa! In case your wondering that was a snap I used for the it off an old pair of PJs that used to belong to one of the kids. I have of bunch of baby cloths packed away to make quits one day, and figured I wouldn't need those snaps I guess If I don't find the one I used I can always go back and pull off another...........LOL, Am I rambling now?? It's easy to do some days......

So, on to the Big question of the day?? Who's the winner??

I took Every one's name that left a comment, and put it into a bowl, I then had my oldest draw out......

3 Winners!........I had 4 little bags of mail, so I choose 4 winners........ The 3 you see! And then Kim will also get a bag, because she was the first to guess right! So.......Congrats to these Bloggers and for the rest of you...go check them out when you get a chance! I'll be adding everyone who played over on my blog list here real soon:)

OK....That's where I'm going to end for today. Haven't worked on the house yet, been busy with family stuff....But I do have eye-candy to share with you in my up coming blogs...........and a few updates......So stay tuned........And Thanks again to everyone that left such encouraging comments!!


Jo Raines said...

Oh, darnit! I missed out and missed your posts. I always think life is going to slow down when school is out but so far, it hasn't been the case! I am finally doing my blog giveaway so drop by and leave a comment! Hope you are well!


Lirael said...

You're kidding! I didn't even write to win. Thank you so much :)
I'll be emailing you soon!

Wendie-kins said...

Oooo thankyou :o) didnt expect this at all! Ive only visited your blog a few times but wow I certainly seemed to pick the right time to stop by! :o) I have no idea what Ive won but I love suprises so look forward to seeing what it is when it arrives LOL good luck with the rest of the house, its great watching it take shape.
And thankyou for starting my day with a big smile :o) x

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Katie thank you for letting me know. I've never had my name pulled!!!
Hope to see and really looking forward to more updates of your build. Did you manage to get more foam?
Im daft not working out it was a shower, lol. It was so obvious now i know.
Nikki xxx

Kim said...

Katie- thank you!!! It is so sweet of you to send me some too because I guessed first- I can't wait!!!