Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Garden....

This is the first year in a loooong time that I've been able to enjoy my garden. And has it been good to me!! See my Monster blackberries!!

And my Day lilies! These are my favorite. When I moved in, about 8+ years ago, I planted 3 flowers in this flower bed....

.....and now look at it! Beautiful! One can't help but to smile when you walk into the yard and get greeted by these!! these Canna lilies are quite annoying. I planted them eons ago, too......and last year was the first year that one, Yes just one, bloomed.....LOL, this year we're moving up in the world with 2 blooms, Hahahaa!! I think I know what the problem is, I just figured it out a little late in the season. For one there 'roots' want to be at ground level, not buried...and 2, they need A Lot of sunlight!!! Maybe next year I'll get 3 blooms!

And last but not are the bf's Orange Crush roses. We were afraid they wouldn't bloom this year, but they fooled us! There's so many blooms, it won't stand up. It really needs a trellis!

Be back soon with a few more blogs!

1 comment:

Kim said...

Beautiful Katie! I love to see peoples gardens- yours is so pretty! Live and learn with the Canna's right? I've made the same mistake with bulbs too :)