Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Neptune Festival

While my parents were here, we went down to the beach to check out Neptune Festival. On the last weekend in September, the board work is filled with Art, Food and Sandcastles. This year, we saw the sand castles...... This 'festival' last all weekend, and goes from 1st street to well past 30th there's lots to see. I was also able to pick up a few small shells for The Painted Lady. ((BTW, I have not forgotten to finish The Painted Lady, I'm just waiting on those last special accessories:D ))

And now for some of the sandcastles...
We'll start with King Neptune himself!

....OK, you gotta make this one bigger and check out this little city! Amazing!

...make this one bigger, too.........and check out the detail on those trees!!

Sorry I don't have a whole pic of this one, I had to crop out all the people..... But I knew some of you would really like to see the dragon:)

...And the last one to share is this: I LOVE the Momma with the baby in her.... and do you see all the little people sitting on the stumps...Pretty cool, huh!

Hope you enjoyed the sandcastles as much as we did..... We didn't make it down to the Art this year, but there's always Next year.... FYI: I used to compete every year in the youth art show here when I was in high school, and even placed every year I entered! So it really means a lot to me to be able to go down there...I just wish I had the energy to see the whole thing.....Not to mention it was so bright, my eyes watered the whole time, My Mom kept trying to buy me sunglasses or a hat or something...... but I'm too stubborn for that:)

Until Next Time!


Ascension said...

Gracias por esas preciosas fotografias.
Son unas escuturas realmente fantasticas.
besitos ascension

Kim said...

what a labor of love those sandcastles are! Beautiful. Happy Belated Birthday Katie!!!! I hope your entire day was as wonderful as you are!

Norma Bennett said...

Absolutely amazing, thanks for sharing the pics :)

Sans! said...

WOW! Amaazing work :). So much talent and art . We have similar events here and no short of talent as well :). Thank you for sharing them Katie :).

Yes, there's always next year :)