Thursday, September 2, 2010

My treasures from DC

When I was at the hospital with my sister, My Mom and Cora found these 2 little creamers for me....for 50 cents a piece!!

Aren't they just the cutest?! And they're little.....the 2 of them together are about the size of my fist:)

This pie plate I found at a thrift store before I left! I LOVE PUMPKIN PIE!!! My Mom always makes 2 pies~ One for me and one for everyone else! So when I saw this pan~ I knew it was meant to be!

And it's got Beautiful carnations printed in it!! And a recipe:) How lucky Could I get??
I have been starting to see these 'pans' a lot lately. I saw one for Quiche the other day, but I can't stand quiche~ So I didn't buy it! LOL!! Thinking I may have to start collecting these, too! They're just so pretty!

Then there's the material my Mom had put aside for us:) There's 2 sheets of the kitty material, so if anyone would like some, let me know! They'd make some cute mini pillows:) And those flamingos....Too funny! Loving my berries....and those beautiful Butterflies! The green flower material I picked up at a quilting store~ there was something about that flower that I really liked:)

When we were at the National Harbor, I picked up the teaspoon~ I have a few of these, so I had to add One from DC! Only seemed natural:)

....and then there's my flat coin! I love these coins, and at one time had a nice collection from across the USA.......Until someone stole them! So, I've been trying to build my collection back up....and Now I have one from
'The First Ladies at the Smithsonian'

Now that I've shared a few of my collections with you....I'm wondering what other people collect?? Do you have a favorite collection...or lots of collections??

.........Until Next Time...........


Caseymini said...

Are there pie pan police that won't let you make anything but quiche in the quiche pan? Do they explode in the oven if you put the wrong thing in them? That would really be a fun collection to have. As for what I collect, it would be easier to say what I don't collect. My favorite is scissors. All kinds of scissors....Oh and miniatures.

Sans! said...

I was born to collect :) from bus tickets with interesting numbers (threw away already) to anything with books as a theme, to dolls with capes :):). B4 minis, it was vintage handbags and now, junk to be made into minis :).

MY mum collects jars and dishes :) and ye , pans too ! Anything that is cute and related to the kitchen, she must have.

Ana Anselmo said...

Tea pots, do you remember Katie, I have already shown my tea pot collection to you.....
love from Lisbon

Kim said...

I have way too many collections and I've actually had to cut back on some of them because we don't have much room left in our house! My favorite ones would have to be my amber colored glass dishes, my little chicken salt cellars and my wall of small chairs :) I love your new creamers and Casey's comment makes me crack up!

Kathi said...

I love small chairs too Kim. I also LOVE blue glass Ball jars. I probably have about 8 of them now. Anytime I find one I snatch it up!

Katie! Do I see FLAMINGO fabric here??? So cute! :D