Friday, August 3, 2012

And I thought I hadn't done anything...

You ever have those times in your life when you just feel unproductive? Well, that's how I've been feeling lately. Between family drama... and the doctors.... I just don't have the umph right now to get 'er done, you know. But then this morning I decided enough procrastinating! It was time to start finishing things! Hopefully over the next week, I can start to get this stuff listed in my store:)

We will start with the 'enamel' wash tubs. I made these with my own pattern out of paper.... and then painted them with I know at least 10 coats of paint. (I switch colors when I do these layers, so I can see where I've painted. Meaning I paint it tan first, then white, then tan, then white...ect....) Even the handles got a coat of 'dirt'. Now... those yellow ones are mine:) I'm still waiting on my new 'house' to arrive- more on that when it does:)...... But the yellow ones will live there... I reserve the right to change my mind:)

Let's see... I got the benches done. All of these are in Antique White... and then aged:) I'm thinking the aging part is my favorite- I love mucking stuff up, lol!

I've gotten a few custom orders done.... And while trying out something for a customer, I made this cupcake sign- I LOVE IT!! The colors just make me so happy:)

I got a new stamp:) This would be perfect in an office!

And I've gotten a little done on the Tree house.

I'm still trying to figure out which way I want to go with this. I have to figure out how to go up around that top window- I'm thinking I might just extend the tree trunk up to the window frame- but I feel like I'm we will see. And as you can see I started to play around with color. It's a little too shinny for me- but this is just my undercoat- so it's ok. For now- I'm just going to keep staring at it until I figure it out:)

So..... about them doctors. Wednesday, they took two more biopsy's to get a baseline for this 'experiment'. ( I have no small never fibers in my legs- so we are going to try the crazy medicine again, this time at a smaller dose, and see if we can't get them to start regrowing.) They took a piece out of my hip and another piece above my ankle. I'm sore, but it's no big deal- this is the second set of biopsy's they've done. I also did other tests while I was there- these will also be included in the 'baseline' report. This is something that is going to take months... but I'm ready for it. I want to be able to stand, and sit and walk regular again. At 33 I should not feel this old, lol.

...Ok... then there was the heart monitor I had for 2 weeks. Everything came back 'normal for me'. I caught several PVC's...enough to know they are back, but not enough to cause alarm...However, while I was doing the other tests Wednesday... I was hooked up to a heart monitor, and had 34 PVC's. So go figure.

My ovarian cyst is gone... Well at least that's what they tell me. The pain is still there- so they think it might be something else. She still wants me on birth control- but I can just not bring myself to take it. And now- since I'll be restarting the other meds, it is going to have to wait.

This crap wears me out. Sometimes I wish I had someone to keep up with all of it for me. Between the kids, the cats.... and the rat race of life... I just don't have time to be 'sick' anymore. You know!

So Until Next Time!


Marisa said...

my goodness you have been busy haven't you, those washtubs look awesome and I hope things go well for you healthwise

Marisa :)

Ascension said...

Me encantan esos envejecidos, has hecho unos fantasticos trabajos.
Espero que muy pronto te recuperes y puedas seguir con la vida que debe llevar una mujer joven de tu edad.
besitos ascension

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

i love the rusty wash tubs! I collect these in real life size. So glad you are getting somethings done that you want to do. The tree house is awesome, can't wait to see more :)

Hope the meds work this time.

Big Hugs,

Norma Bennett said...

The enamelware is fabulous!!

I do hope you are feeling much better soon.

Jumpo London said...

I like your work.....your work show how to use unusable stuff.....this is good work by you buddy!!

carmen said...

me encantan esos cacharros!

Saara V said...

Wash tubs looks great, I love the colours! I just found your blog, I love your imagination and everything fairytalish you've made!

Unknown said...

Hi Katie..nice work..I love your aged pieces. Any chance you would do a tutorial on how you take a piece fro it's raw state to an antiqued look?? .. I'll be your bestfriend... :)

Ana Anselmo said...

Hi Katie!!! I wish I was there to visit you and "play" a little bit together....I hope things get better soon .
I love the wash tubes , are just perfect, they seem so real to me!
lots of hugs

Unknown said...

So love the enamel tubs aged efect, what a nice work yoy did,mini hugs :)