Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My honeysuckles are starting to bloom:)

In between the little rain showers we've had here the past few days, I've been taking full advantage of the honeysuckles that are starting to bloom.

I've been loading up the store for Halloween and have made a few of 'The Sweet Life' signs in purple.

And, as always.... trying to create New beach signs:)

I know the ones that say 'beach' and 'ocean' sell... but I really like coming up with ones that only a few people might enjoy.

Hope everyone is enjoying their last week with their children. We all know how much we'll miss them when they go back to school next week, hehehe:)

So..... Until next Time:)


Blake said...

I love the signs! Especially the first image with the witch's hat!

my mini life said...

Katie, Ihave not forgotton about the smurf bird house. I tries to email you but it came back, and now I can't find your email address. Here is mine ta_pozzo@shaw.ca. I still really want one.

thanks alicia pozzo