Wednesday, July 25, 2012

This past weekend, we took my daughter, Cora to camp. She's a camp counselor now for Camp Catch Your Breath- a special camp deep in the mountains for kids with asthma. And although we didn't do any sight seeing this year, I did manage to roam around a Dollar General near our hotel. You never know what your gonna find, right. Well... I got lucky! I found a miniature Beauty and the Beast Tea set. That's what you see on the second shelf. And as you can see.... My shelf looks complete now. I say it that way because you never know what will turn up next:)

The tea set came as a key chain...The lid of Ms. Potts pops off and everything fits inside. Super cute, huh?

And.... at a gas station I found a Pink t-shirt from one of My favorite places:) Couldn't beat the price for $3.00... and it's pink! LOL... Somehow I've managed to start a pink t-shirt collection from all of our travels, lol.

All in all the trip was good. It took me 8 hours to get there... and somehow only 6 to get home? Wish it only took me 6 every time. Driving through the mountains is No joke! LOL.

So... I have minis everywhere right now. I'm gonna blame it on my camera. My memory card is full, and I can't delete anything right now... And it's making me lazy, lol. I have kettles, teapots, wash tubs and signs to finish. And we wont discuss the finished items that are stacking up over here. (or all the unfinished, put away projects, that I once told myself, "I'll do it later" items.... don't laugh, you know you have some of those too:) Why is it the older you get the less time there seems to be?

Until Next Time...


Marisa said...

I found that too! I gave the key chain to my friend who likes to collect them and I kept the other stuff for my mini dinning room

Marisa :)

Ascension said...

Que preciosa coleccion, me encanta!!
besitos ascension

Fabiola said...

This is a nice collection.
Bye Faby

Debbie said...

Looks like you picked up some great bargains on your travels.
I also LOVE those cupcake plates in the previous