Monday, September 24, 2012

New Halloween Signs are in the Store

OK...Let me start by saying....What in the Heck has happened to Blogger. Why in the world do they feel the need to keep changing this on us is beyond me.... I don't like change.... I don't like how this looks as I type it... It's actually messing with my head. LOL... Which is not hard to do these days- But really- Can you leave well enough alone??

So....Now that I'm confused....
and annoyed...
Let me see if I can't get back to where I was...
Oh Yes- A cute picture of Pork Chop! His Daddy has him in a head lock here, and I just love how his tongue is sticking out.
 I also wanted to tell you about the new signs that are in the store:) I started listing them over the weekend....


And will have a few more to list later this week. If you get a chance- come check them out. I found the neatest Halloween drink label set- and they work perfect for my signs:)
These will probably be the last of the Halloween signs for the year.
 I am ready to move onto other ideas. I have lots of other items to list this week... And now that I've built a box for pictures, it should make life a lot easier. Winter is coming and all the flowers are dying. No more honeysuckle or roses to use as my background...and I really don't like using dried up fall leaves for a background. So.....I built a box. I will take a picture of it... and show you what I did. Wouldn't you know that after I spent all that time 'putting' it together.... The battery dies on my camera- LOL- Just my luck. So after it charges- I will have another pic for you.
So...I gotta admit. I'm getting a little scattered brained again. Maybe it's the medicine... maybe it's stress. But my mind is all over the place. I got a call last week from the doctor that did all the blood work Months ago to schedule some more tests that I don't wanna do. I asked the nurse if that meant that all my blood work came back normal and she said NO. My blood work shows that I have Hashimoto's Disease (An autoimmune disease).... but the doctor still wants to rule out the other things. And at this point I was really confused. Really? A thyroid disease? But haven't they been testing my thyroid every few months for the last 2 years? How did they miss this? Didn't I just have an ultrasound done last week on my thyroid that showed that it had grown a tiny bit, but it's No big deal- And "Everything is OK"- according to my endocrinologist???) I don't get it. How did everyone else miss this? Or is this something that just started. ....So.. I wouldn't let the nurse schedule any more tests until I could sit down and speak with this doctor. (Which will be tomorrow) He wants to do nerve biopsies- which I just had down- so I'm getting those results sent to him. And he wants me to do a Tilt Table Test... Which I really really don't want to do. Who in the world wants to be strapped to a table. feed meds that make you high and then tilted up and down till they pass out? NOT ME! It's stupid sometimes the things you have to do to prove to your doctors what your saying is what your saying. I'm tired of being a guinea pig- and I thought I was at a point where I could sit back and relax... But No... We're back to square one again with a new diagnoses....Yuck!

It's a good thing I have my minis to keep me Sane!!!
Until NExt Time:)


A. Wright said...

Big Giant Hugs.

Love these Halloween signs. That jack-o-lantern juice one is adorable :D

Fabiola said...

Your Halloween signs are amazing!
Bye Faby