Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Light Box

Well.... At least- That's what I'm calling it:)
So- As I was explaining in my last post- Winter is just around the corner..... and all of my 'pretty' background flowers have died for the year...So, I needed something that I could use to take good pictures~other than the sidewalk! And this is what I came up with.
I took a cardboard box.....  Taped one end shut- and cut off the other end. Then I shaved down the sides a bit to help with those shadows. Next, I cut out a piece of poster board and wedged it in like you see in the picture.... And~ TA-DA!
The Perfect picture is taken:)
No more propping a piece of poster board up on a fence or the cat....
Yes! Fred helps me everytime I take pictures!
No more trying to get someone to hold the poster board at the perfect angle while the wind blows...
I found these little end tables prebuilt at a discount store- and they just begged me for a crackle coat. These and the little flower pots will be listed sometime in the store.

((**So...About the doctors.... He thinks I have both! Awesome!
A dysfunctional autonomic nervous system and an autoimmune disease!
How Fun!!
Looks like if I want to try the meds he suggests I have to go through with the testing to prove to the insurance company that I need it. I think it's BS...but whatever. So... Tuesday- I have to come off all my meds for a week.... so that the following Tuesday they can run their tests. I am not looking forward to this at all. I'm just getting back on all my meds- just getting readjusted to everything, and now I get to go back through withdrawls for a week. yuck! Sorry to complain. But I'm tired of this crap. I thought I was at a point in my life where I had some hope... and now I feel like I'm back at the beginning and I just want to kick something.

All I can say... Is Thank "God" I have my Minis!
Instead of kicking something....
I'm going to go sand something:)

Until Next Time...

PS...I think I might be able to get used to this new look of blogger after all?!


Debora said...

Hi Katie,
What a great solution to substitute the faded flowers. Although not as pretty, it's inventive and super functional. Seems your grey cells are doing just fine. And that's not something you can say about the rest; I'm so sorry to hear bout your health! All i can say is very best wishes and good luck on the re-adjusting. I hope it all pays off.

Lucille said...

So sorry regarding your health problems. You certainly have a lot on your plate. It must be very difficult. I guess you'll just have to do what needs to be done and see what happens. It's not easy, though!

That's a great light box you made. Thank you for sharing the idea. You're a very talented person. Like you say, it's a good think that you have you minis.

Kim said...

Oh Katie- how I wish I could find you the miracle pill. No one person should have to go through what you go through with your body and all the doctors. Wish I could hug you in real life or come over for a mini-ing session. I love your light box-how clever!!! Hugs to you!!!!!!

Unknown said...

What a wonderful idea. I will try this way.
Best wishes for your health.
Hugs from Craftland

Jennybee said...

***Three gold stars for yuit light box. I have been debating on whether to purchase one but for outside shots and small items that works great. Hmmm now to go snag a box. Lol Your cabinet looks great too! Have a great day.

Nicole said...

Your light box seems to be a very good idea, Katie. The cabinet looks so good that I couldn't resist to buy it from you. I love your crackle style :)
So sorry to hear about your health problems. Wish you all the strength to go through this and that making your wonderful minis will help you!