Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Change of pace today......

My friend Chris at tagged me today with a request to list 6 things about me and books, So here goes:

1. My favorite book as a toddler was Whose Mouse Are You, by Robert Kraus. I had my Mother read it to me so many times, it fell apart, and eventually disappeared. Then, the day I bought my oldest son home from the hospital, I found a brand new copy of it, in his bassinet! How sweet is that!

2. I learned to read by memorization: lots and lots of Ladybird books!~ which I still have! I spent the first part of my childhood in Wales, and came to America at the end of 2nd grade. They had already learned phonics, and somehow, I managed to skip right over it....I still to this day, couldn't tell you the difference between a long A and a short A?!?!

3. I love 'coffee table' books! You know, the big books that are full of amazing photos! Recently I bought one of those big atlas books on a clearance table, and was in Heaven! It's so heavy!! I had been wanting one for a long time! Haunted Castles of Britain and Ireland is one of my favorite books~There's a picture in there of Roch Castle~ a castle that was behind my school in Wales, I used to look at it everyday~ just good memories for me! Another favorite is Amazing Places to go in North America. There's so much out there that I want to see! From Niagara Falls to the Grand Canyons, I want to experience it all....and if I can't get there physically, I'll have to settle for my beautiful books.

4. I must admit, I'm not a big reader. I will sit down from time to time and get totally engrossed in a book, but it has been awhile. (Now that I think about it, The Golden Compass was the last book I read, and I read it before it came out in the theater, terrible, huh!) Most of the books I read are True Crime books. Daddy was the Black Dahlia Killer, and other books about the case are really interesting to me.......So are Bernardo and Homolka, and Bundy, and Dahmer, and this one time at band camp, get the idea. I will say I started to read this one book years ago, called When Rabbit Howls, and I still have yet to finish it. The main character has I think 92 personalities, so it makes it rather hard to follow.....but one day, I SHALL finish reading that book!!

5. I get most of my inspiration from books. For example....I have a book called Healing Crystals and Gemstones, it has lots of info and pictures about rocks.......and I love making rocks! So I can study the book and design my own rocks using inspiration from the book. Same thing goes for those castle books, it gives me lots of ideas of how to build walls or how ivy grows up the side of bricks. You can never have too much eye-candy, that's for sure!

6. Do the AAA books count? You know, the books you get from AAA telling you what attractions are where, and where to eat and sleep.......Yup....I'm totally addicted!

Ok, well there you have it.....6 things about me and books! Now it's your turn!!

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CA Verstraete said...

Hey very interesting! Wales, how amazing! And a castle outside the window- no wonder you skipped phonics. ha! Hey I read that Rabbit book - and it has some terrible things that happened to that girl that I still can't forget! I like coffee table books too but I'm hooked on decorating ones - mini room ideas! Have I copied any? No. But I keep bringing them home from garage sales, etc. ha! Good to read more about you!