Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More beads....

No, I haven't falling of the face of the earth.......just my muse has. I wish I could nail her wings to the floor, but I can't. She comes and goes at will.....hopefully she comes back soon, and points me in the direction of that doll house! But, until then.......I'll just keep experimenting with my beads.

This first one didn't turn out at all how I imagined it. I wanted you to see the different colors I used, but they all blended together. This was my second attempt......better, you can actually see the different colors this time.......but, I still wasn't happy. So, I decided to try and make orange ones. Do you see the ones on the metal pokers? Those haven't been baked yet, but when they are, they will be the same color as the ones in the upper right.
I also made the pink ones...well, they were suppose to be purple, but ended up with that mauve tint to them....either way, I like them! Now, to make necklaces, my least favorite part.....I'm just never happy with the end result.

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