Thursday, October 9, 2008

Our Halloween Trade

Chris ( and I recently did a trade. I sent her some of my Halloween bowls...........and she sent me this: isn't she generous?!?!

There's Halloween posters, framed Halloween prints, metallic purple netting, cakes and a pie, a mini TV, skeleton hands, skeleton heads, and whole skeletons. Chris also sent me some of her books...check them out at She even sent me a witch!

My favorites, though, are her plants! They always make me laugh! Look at the one in the middle, it's a full moon plant, Yup....that's a butt.....the flash took away the crack, lol! And this one......fingers creeping out of the planter...too funny!Poor Otis thought the skeletons were his, he has tried to steal them a few times (those little feet and hands are just too tempting!)....I finally had to put them away, or they might end up looking like some of those skeletons on CSI. LOL, look at him, he's in a daze........I wonder what he's thinking???

Thanks again Chris, I had a lot of fun trading with you! Now, I gotta put on my thinking cap and get to working!!


Ana Anselmo said...

the plants are so funny!!!
(Here in Portugal we don´t have the halloween tradition)
Have a nice week-end

Anonymous said...

oh that's too funny! I forgot you'd do a "report" on our trade ha! Glad to see the cat approves of the skellies! Here's the next challenge - I can't wait to see what you dress them up as!

Caseymini said...

Come on Katie! Otis wants just wants his fair share! Poor deprived cat!