Monday, October 6, 2008

Color chips

Yeah! I'm still here, hanging on, lol! That cold wasn't just a cold, and I'm still trying to get it together! I'm over all this coughing!

Otis has found a new napping spot, and well....... I'm not impressed. Why do cats insist on being where they're not suppose to be? LOL....You see Katie's Corner? It's covered in a turquoise pillow case to keep you know who out. Right next to it, is The Skate Shop.....Daddy had to put a big tub of plaster in there to keep Otis out, he finally found that cork floor, and has plucked up the back corner! I don't think there's a mini around here that he hasn't added his touch to!!

Yes, this is my work table.....although I don't know if I've ever really worked on it, I normally drag my stuff to the couch and camp out. One day I'll have a whole room for this stuff, and it won't look so cluttered. I managed to play a little over the weekend. I have always wanted to cook a slice from each color of clay and bake it, so I'd have color chips. I just never knew how I wanted to do it. Then this I ran across this, on the idea was born, again. I hand stamped the names of the clay into each disk, and baked the colors I had here. Some Sculpy colors change when they are baked, so it is nice to see what the end color will be before I make something. Do you see the 2 Lemon ones at the front, I had to turn the toaster oven down to 240ish in order for it to bake an actual lemon color. I love having these chips.....I can take them out and experiment with the colors. For example.....I used the colors that are laying down to make a mokume gane cane. And when I baked it I turned the toaster oven back up, I liked the darker lemon for in this color combination.And got these...The boys in my house said they have a very feminine like quality to lead to a very interesting conversation, which I'll save you the details of, LMAO!!!

Either way, I like how they came out.. They'd make some pretty focal beads!
Aren't they cute? Makes me want to curl up with them and take a nap!

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Ana Anselmo said...

just to say hello! and send a mini hug to you and for all the family.