Sunday, August 9, 2009

Skeleton Pillows

I went ahead and made those Skeleton Pillows for Cora's Goth room today. I'm not impressed with the quality of my sewing, the saying will do for now.

I also pulled out some of her accessories...and spread them about the room to get a feel of where I was going with this. That silver birdcage in the background was a charm I found at Michael's.....The shoes, purse and speaker are from her Bratz stuff.....The Twilight book I made....And that little Hello Kitty doll on the night stand is what started this whole thing. I bought it for Cora a few weeks ago, and then she decided she wanted a room to match, lol! I will get a close up picture of her (the Hello Kitty doll) soon for you to see, She's really cute:) She was a cell phone charm that I took apart.

...So.....I was asked about my comfort zone with doing this kind of theme...and I have to say that I have my moments, when I enjoy the darker side of life, too. And actually when I started thinking about it.....the first Room Box, and the only room box, that I've ever completed is a little room box entitled Frankie's Place. I named it after a puppy Chris from Candid Canine made for me...and it's a Halloween Cafe. You can find the link to it here:

And ..With that being said.....I can indulge Cora into one of her fantasies for a little while. Maybe this will keep her from wanting to die her hair strange colors, or from piercing weird places on her body. Or maybe it will backfire and have her wanting more? Who knows, but for now.....we're having fun. :)


Mary said...

The room is coming together wonderfully, Katie! I'd like to try a darker-themed project. A mini project, of course...I'm sure I can fall asleep on life-sized skull and crossbones pillows no matter how cool they look :P

sylvia said...

It al looks wonderful, great job!

Hugs, Sylvia

Sans! said...

I was in a Goth phase as well..didn't everyone? Witchcraft, vampires etc.. Gothic architecture is something I still love. I am loving the colour combo in Cora's room, Katie. The little things have added a lot to the room.

rosanna said...

So good! I'm sure that Cora will be in love with it. You have been so clever

Mercedes Spencer @ Liberty Biberty said...

Nice to see they are happy skulls!!

Debbie said...

Katie I had to chuckle at this post. Ben has the piercings and electric blue hair at the moment,which looks much better then the Lilac.
I love those little boots in Cora's room. xxx

Ara said...

I think this all looks so great! I went through a 'black' phase during jr high. My mom indulged me by letting me wear black nail polish but that was about it. I got over it quickly but appreciate that she tried!!