Sunday, August 16, 2009

I Looooove Bread!!!

Especially, fresh, right out of the oven bread, So Yummy!!!

I figured I'd try to make some bread to go along with all that cheese I made......

And I must say...this is much better than the first batch I made a while back. I was asked if the cheese was the first thing I've made, and it is not. (It's just the first time I've been able to look at Angie Scars' book!) ......I've done fruits and veggies.....bread....and cakes. And not just any ole cakes......but beautiful tall wedding cakes! I love making wedding cakes!! I do have pictures way back in the blog...and soon I will do a post of some of my favorites! One day I plan on making a cake day!!

But for now, I'm just making things for Cora's House and Marshmallow Manor. I do like making food, I just get bored with it quick......and tend to find something else to do instead. I have to say though that the hardest part seems to be getting the color right....once you figure that out, it's really easy!! Oh.....and I use Sculpy III. I find it easier to blend together....I can't even mush Fimo down! But I do like how Fimo bakes better....and have started to play around with Fimo Soft. I have a lot of odd colors left in Sculpy I'm still trying to figure out what else I can do to use it all up. Then, I'll begin to make the switch to Fimo:)
**For all my friends in blogland....I am sorry I am getting behind on things again. I know I still owe a few people packages....and I want you to know I have not forgotten about you.

My personal life is getting in the way, and it's not making me a very friendly person:) However, I am the kind of person that seems to be able to get more work done when I'm in pain....and as you can see I've been a little productive with the clay......My mind wants to wonder, and yet I make myself forget about it and put every thing I got into what I'm working on. LOL... This coming from the girl who 'colored' her way through labor. LOL......Broke a lot of colored pencils that night:) So....It sucks to be down, but I'm trying to put it to good use! I made some mini cutting boards this hopefully next week I can make some trays up. Still want to make some more stuff, just haven't figured out what yet. ~And when the doctors make sense of what's going on, I'll let ya know...but I'm in the dark for now.

OK...Talk to Ya'll Soon!
Until Next Time


Caseymini said...

Oh Katie! I was wondering where you were. I hope that the doctor can fix things. The bread looks even better than the cheese.....I am a bread eater.LOL Keep up the good work and keep away the pain!

Sans! said...

KATIE!!! Wow, those breads are plain amazing ! They look so real I was telling myself when I saw the pic on my dashboard, don''t tell me she made those?? I thought the cheeses are your best work but now , these are hard to beat as well.

About life getting in the way, remember I told you I wanted to go to the library? Nope, didn't do it :).

Now if you are talking about me and your package, I have never ever thought you have forgotten. You, like all of us are just planning something that you think will be so perfect for us and that you are taking your time. YOu absolutely should do that and always, health 1st. And you know what? Even if you did not come up with any package, that's really fine too. It is so much pleasure to make something for someone. You should know that :).

Debbie said...

Katie I hope your feeling better soon. Big Hugs being sent your way.
Your Bread is fantastic looks so real..xx

Eva said...

I hope that everything could go better day by day. Minis are a good way to forget problems.
The bread so yummy and looks great!!

Kim said...

Katie- that bread looks good enough to eat! I must learn to make bread like that for my bakery! I hope the doctor has some news for you-it's frustrating to be in the dark. I hope you feel better soon!


Dennis said...

Hey babe the bread looks fantastic. I know things can get crazy and make u just want to give it all up but remember u are loved and if u ever need someone to talk to or just to get away from it all I am here. Love ya babe keep up the great work.

Mary said...

You are so good with polymer clay, Katie! I haven't ventured into the realm of poly clay yet but tried making owl treats using paper clay a while back...didn't turn out well at all! So, cheese and bread, now all we need are grapes and wine if we want to pretend we're French!

Take care and lotsa hugs,

CA Verstraete said...

Hey hope you are feeling better! I've been quiet too - trying to keep going on this book! Still making some things yet in-between here and there too so hope to get done soon. (this year not next. haa!) Your cheese and bread looks yummy! when's lunch? haaa!

Jo Raines said...

I love your breads! I thought you had been baking when the pix first came up before the text! It's wonderful. Great job!


Julie Old Crow said...

the breads are fantastic! The color is just perfect, too--you make bread that looks like it's a picture of real bread!


Kim said...

Hi Katie!!! Sending you a hug today for no reason at all!


A. Wright said...

Wow, these are perfect. I will definitely have to give these a try too. I suspect my homeowners like carbs LOL

Ana Anselmo said...

Hi! Katie
I hope you are feeling better.
I returned from my holidays last saturday and now I am already working.
Your bread is just like the real one, and I am also a bread lover LOL. Cora's gothic room is so cute!!!! I love every detail on it.
A great hug for you and your family, including the 4 legs members....