Friday, November 13, 2009

I plugged my computer in this morning and It works, LOL. I am so computer retarded!! The other day, I couldn't get the monitor to work to save my turned on, but there was nothing there? So I turned it off......and left it alone. But the ghost in the house kept turning it I finally just unplugged it......and decided to leave it alone until I could get someone to look at it..........And then this morning.....I was feeling a little brave. So, I plugged it in, and it worked??!! I just don't get it. When I got on my blog yesterday......everything was I deleted the background, and now you can see it. Hopefully I have gotten rid of the 'ghost' and my computer will work right.......Hopefully!! while I'm here I want to tell you if you haven't seen the movie UP yet, you should. But I will warn you.....12 minutes into the movie and I was balling like a baby.....It just hit so close to home with me, that it made me a little emotional. I could totally see my Grandfather doing something like this!!!!

Next I'm off to upload some hopefully I'll be back later.....However I have all the kids this weekend...and a home full of cats. T-Boy, one from first batch of kittens escaped last night, and I was able to catch one of the new kittens earlier.....and even brought him in and gave him a bath. The weather is Crazy's been raining all week, and the winds were getting up to 75 miles per hour here last night. Today it's a little calmer.......but everything is still water logged. Hopefully this weekend will be pretty and I can catch the rest of these guys and get them out of here. I left a message for someone at PETA, just waiting on a call back. I am trying to hard to find a no kill shelter, and I'm having no luck. The new litter will have no problem finding a new home~ they're so cute and little!!! We are going to keep Bella, the only female from the first litter~ she's made her way into my heart like no one else has.........She's become my buddy!! Otis is learning what kitty head butts are.......he thinks it's an invitation to attack! Hopefully when all is said and done......We will all be one big happy family!!

OK.....I've ran my mouth enough......I'm off to get you come pics:)


Caseymini said...

LOL! Katie, it does help to plug the computer in....I am so glad that it is working for you now. Missed your smiling face! Need pics now!!! New kitties? Please?

Mercedes Spencer @ Liberty Biberty said...

Your blog has just been black the last few times I've tried to look at it too. So thanks for fixing that!

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Your problem could be the fan on your comp not turning fast enough.
This happened to me and what is happening to you is what i had happening a few months ago.
It can be removed easily if needed and repalced for next to nothing.
Hope this is the case because it will be cheep as chips for you.

Have a listen and see if you can hear a dragging sound that goes fast then all of a sudden slow.

Nikki xxx