Saturday, November 14, 2009

Kids and Kittens

2 days in a row...and no problems!! Yippee!!

My I have a lot of pictures, lol!! Thought I'd break them down into a couple of blogs for you.....With a house full of kittens and kids.....I'm just not getting anything real done., cleaning, cleaning.......'s a pic of my kids on Halloween......The older they get the less they corporate! Especially when it comes to taking a 'nice'!
And thought you'd enjoy seeing Cora's devil earrings. She bought them at the beach last year...they're made the same way worry dolls are made (with toothpicks and DMC floss).
We celebrated Cameron's 11th birthday on Halloween this year....He also had his last game that We took the Whole team to lunch at Golden Corral to celebrate. 15, 11 year old boys+buffet= A Mess!!! (If you didn't know.....he's playing for the Cowboys this year:)!!))
Now for some pictures of the inside kittens........

Otis loves to sit on things and pretend he doesn't know he's sitting on something.........He does this all the time with his toys, so why wouldn't he do it with his niece?......LOL, I don't think Bella knew what was happening!!!
And speaking of Bella......she's discovered the dollhouse. She likes to lie on the front porch and look into the house...Wonder how long it will take her to realize she can get in there???

This is Sphinx......and this is where he hangs out when all the kids are at school.....cracks me up!

And here's a head shot, lol......He's so lovable!
T-Boy.......the last of the inside back in the house....I'm really thinking of renaming him Houdini! I's a 2 inch gap that he wiggles out of. And I'm tired of hunting him down!!

OK....Bear with me!!! Next blog will be about the new babies!! And then after that I have a few minis to talk about:)


Lirael said...

Happy you're back and everything is going well :)
That Otis is a hoot! He is so incredibly funny!

Debbie said...

Glad to see you back Katie.. xx

dalesdreams said...

Glad you got your computer issues worked out. :)

I thoroughly enjoyed all of the pictures!

Cats seem to love dollhouses as much as we do, wonder why that is? ;)

Kim said...

Katie- I have missed you so much- but just as much I have missed Otis! So glad you are back online!!!