Friday, October 29, 2010

A few new items on Etsy

Just wanted to let everyone know, I loaded up a few new things into my Etsy store.

Remember the candles I made... I have 3 sets listed, and 3 more ready to be listed. These were all hand dipped by me using left over candles and crayons. Talk about recycling, huh! These little guys are too much fun to play with. They really light and even burn properly. But, I will tell you, lighting and blowing them out so the wax drips down the side is pretty darn addictive. I really need to dig my candle making stuff back out, cause I'm sure there's a few of you out there that would probably use a few white/cream/yellow ones, right?!

This set of 'decorations' was listed. They look really good on a dresser.... I have my set in The Painted Lady, and I have a bird's nest that Mercedes sent me sitting on the tallest one. I plan on putting a candle on the middle one....

I also put this up. I have a few already, so I thought I'd pass it on to one of you. These kits are really easy to put together. The box is not the prettiest, but the kit and directions are in Great condition.

I have also put up some more signs...
~And soon I will have some signs that I turned into magnets available..

**And if you order anything Halloween related from my store this weekend.... I'll throw in a special Halloween Bowl. This includes orders that are placed anytime from now until Sunday night, Midnight, my time. :)

So.... Until Next Time

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