Monday, October 11, 2010

Etsy questions.... again

First I wanted to say thank-you to the comments on the earlier post! I got my page set up, and even managed to get a banner made.... only took me all day to figure that out. I'm not totally in love with it, but it will do for now. I've got a paypal account now.... so I think I'm on a roll.

((Isn't Uncle Freddy Frou-Frou such a good Kitty! He's keeping Wilbur all snugly!)) Oh....and poor Wilbur is now being called Goo-Bur! Short for Good Wilbur. I told the bf he could't call my kitty a goober No More!

Nikki! Don't feel bad~ I don't get the shipping thing either.... or the sales tax thing. I guess I can only learn as I go right?! Anyone want to explain how to do it??

Julia~ I totally see what you mean about them chopping off the side of the pictures! I wish I knew that yesterday... I spent the better part of my day, cropping my pics..... LOL

Debbie~ Thanks you for the link to the translator! I will get to it soon! And Julia... when I figure it out, I'll let you know:)

So I still gotta upload a profile pic.... I've got to do all the bio stuff..... and figure out this shipping thing.... Until then, people who order from the USA will get free shipping, lol.

Oh... And I guess you might want to know the link, huh?! LOL

There's only one thing listed right now..... Just wanted to get 'er up and going..... This week I hope to get more listed:)

First, I'm off to buy something.... I got a MaoneyPak card at 7-11 loaded up with a little bit of money. I want to see what it is like to buy something, so that way I know what you guys go through/see. Then..... Well maybe not in this order... But I need a nap! LOL All this reading has made me tired:)

.....LOl... one more thing.

I tried so hard not to use my blog name for my Etsy shop, cause I don't 'just make' things from clay anymore.... but wouldn't you know that every name I tried was taken. I finally got frustrated... and thought what the heck, let me see if it's there.... and it was. I swear It's fate!


nikkinikkinikki72 said...

I posted on my blog to let people know that dont follow your blog aware of your new shop.
Hope that was ok.
Nikki xxx

Caseymini said...

Congrats on the new shop, Katie. I will let you learn everything then you can show me how it works...Good luck in your new business!

onbeingaminimum said...

Congratulations for taking the plunge!

Marisa said...

Kudo's on your new Etsy Shop, you've inspired me to look into it though though I'm scared I might blow something up *I am not computer literate these machines hate me*

I like the name it makes it easier to find you

Marisa :)

Debbie said...

Good Luck with the new Etsy Shop Katie. You deserve it. xxxx

Wendie-kins said...

not only congrats for setting up your Etsy shop but WELL DONE! I have an etsy shop... apparently, but seem totally brainless as to how to do the banner or even how to find my own shop LOL (I kid you not!) Ive spent hours and got pretty much nowhere!

Lataina said...

Congratulations on your shop, Katie. Good luck! =)

CA Verstraete said...

Good for you! Hope it goes well. The signs look nice, too. Btw, maybe set up something for single sales as maybe people only want certain ones too? Great job!

Sans! said...

Katie, you have done such a great job on the shop! Another one for me to heart tomorrow when I am on my own comp! This is the start of a wonderful journey, I am positive about that!!!

I think you are going to do well. Scratch that, I KNOW you are going to do well. All the birdhouses should be up there as well :):). And oh, so many things that you have done :).

Unknown said...

¡Enhorabuena por esta decisión!
Suerte en la tienda.
Besos Clara

Kim said...

I commented on your last post Katie, but I think cyberspace ate it! Congrats on your new etsy shop!!!! I think it's going to do wonderful-I'm adding you to my favorite shops :)

Eva said...

Good luch! I have hearted you. Love your signs!