Monday, October 11, 2010

I've got questions.... about Etsy

Do you have answers??

But first.... I wanted to show you my new Pumpkin Pie Pie Dish..... I just love the big pumpkin in it:)'s for my real kitchen, not mini:)

Now for the questions....

First.... How do you add a google translator to you blog? I had someone recently request this, but for what ever reason, I'm not finding it.

And for the big question:
I'm in the process of opening an Etsy Shop.... and have No clue what I'm doing, lol.
First things first.... I gotta make a banner. I'm good at photoshop, so that doesn't scare me, but what picture should I use. Guess this is a question for

OK, So what's up with the credit card, do they put charges on it, or can you redirect the charges to paypal. can you only take paypal...or if you take credit cards, does etsy process that for you??

well, my mind has drawn a blank at this point, but I know I have questions.... I'm sure I'll be back later to add to this....
Oh... any tips, Anything I need to know? I feel so lost with this. It wasn't something I really wanted to do, I'd rather give everything away, but I think this is the only way I'll ever be able to go back to 'work'. And we all know people need to make a living. I love to make stuff, and for some reason I can never make just one of something, so my extras will go into my store. I'm hoping nothing changes about me blog.... I still plan on telling and showing you how I did stuff. And that way those of you that have the time can make it, and those of you that don't can buy it:) I'm taking baby steps with this until I figure it out........

Until Next Time...


Julia and Hywel said...

I need the answer to the Google Translator question too. I have added loads, but they never work!

I use Etsy and I let Paypal do all the hard work with taking the payments. I just spend it on more miniatures once its in!! Oh, and no, they don't put charges on my CC and I pay my etsy bill through my paypal account too.

My Etsy tips are to take your photos with a fairly large border of 'dead space' around your item. Etsy always seem to cut photos down and chop off the top and bottom of your item in their main pages. Also, Etsy works on a page by page basis, so someone browsing will click through 'pages' I always list one item at a time, hours or sometimes a day apart. That way, I get to be on more 'pages'
Lastly, have fun, play around with set up and sections, pop an Etsy Widget on your blog, there's a great one on my blog, if you click on GET WIDGET on mine, it will take you to the site to get your own, then we can find you :0)
Hope I have been of some help,
Julia xxx

Debbie said...

Katie, I've emailed you the link to the translator code for your blog. x

Tabitha Corsica said...

Congratulations on taking the big step. I found it very easy to open my shop. They have many tutorials on how to get started. I only take Paypal and use it to pay any of my Etsy charges as well. Good Luck!

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

The credit card details they take is just to confirn you are who you say you are. Its also there for paypals benefit should they need to source from a secondry funding should your first source of funding at paypal say for instance your balance there fail with insifficient funds.
To pay your fees just make sure you leave enough in your paypal account and transfer whats left to your personal bank account. You can keep a check on this on your etsy personal page and see what fees are going to need to be paid.
You can only take paypal at etsy too.
If you ever get stuck i am always happy to help. Just dont ask me anything about postage because i dont get how to apply the postage over there right, lol.
Good luck with your shop and hope you have lots of sales. xxx

Marisa said...

oh good luck with Etsy, I plan to join one day so I'll learn from you.

Sans! said...

I am sure you have loads of advice from many people already and I am soooooooooooooooo happy that you are finally opening your own shop!! FINALLY :):) It will be a most amazing feeling , my dear . Now I must go visit your shop!

Kim said...

Katie! How exciting- and what a good idea! I don't have any advice because the only thing I know how to do on etsy is buy-lol :) Good luck!!