Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy Thoughts, I promise:)

Rufus is a Great Grandpa! About a month ago we noticed Cleo was getting a little fat.... We had tried to separate her from the boys... but she learned to crawl through the wall in our bedroom... and... well... you know how that works.... Poor girl is only 8 months old herself.

This afternoon, Cora came to me to tell me that Cleo had discharged this funky stuff 'All Over Her Pants'.... I came to check things out and shortly thereafter.... we noticed her water broke..... And she insisted on sitting in my lap...... So we got the bf to bring the kennel back in.... lined it with newspaper..... And I sat with her and rubbed her back for her. It wasn't long before the first kitten was born. I have to say.... it's pretty interesting how nature works, and how animals know exactly what to do. And it's pretty gross, lol.

She spent about an hour cleaning up..... And I had felt her belly, and it seemed that maybe she was only going to have one. At that point My Mom called, so I walked away for a few minutes and when I came back to check on her....

I found baby number two! And look at that coat... A tabby head- and a gray body. My guess is that the gray will turn to black like it's Momma's did... but we will have to see. Mommy and baby are doing fine.... And some of the other kitties have been through here to check things out. I may have found a home for one..... But if ANYONE is interested...... Please email me!!! I would love to find these 2 little furbabies GREAT homes. Mine is already Way to full. And Miss Cleo- "You're not coming out of that cage till you get fixed!!!

While we're talking about kitties... Mini came and visited with me while I was taking 'work' pictures that other day.....

He gets sooooo close...... and as long as I act like I don't see him, he'll stay.... But if I try and touch him, he takes off!

....while I was in the garden I had to pull my frog out, too.... Every year he gets eaten by the hosta plants:) I love my frog!!

This is one of the pictures I took outside the other day. It's one of the barns.... aged. When I first made them, I left them as if they had just been bought from the store.... They didn't sell.... So I took one and aged it..... I'm thinking I'll try and list it again like this and see what it does. Then again.... it may be the price. However... I stand behind that:) It was built from scratch (my own pattern)... Hand painted with multiple layers of paint.... and now aged with love. One day I hope it will go to a good home:)

I also made two little benches.... They are listed on Etsy, along with a few signs and stuff.... But I wanted to show you one of the pictures I took.... The nail set on the bench is one of my favorite things... I borrowed it from Cora's room for a photo op. If you take a close look.... you with see cotton balls, finger nail polishes and nail filers.... Just what ever teen girl needs.

It's getting late now..... So I think I'll check on Cleo one more time... and then start to get ready for bed:)

...until next time....


Christine said...

How magical. Even though I know the reasons we get animals 'fixed', it is such a loss for children now that they rarely experience the miracle of kittens (or puppies or anything furry) in real life. Your kittens are so gorgeous. :)

Judith said...

The kittens are beautiful (I know - never saw an ugly one), and how wonderful to actually see them being born. Thank you for sharing. Judith x

by Sonya said...

What beautiful kitties!I love the cats so much!Yours are fantastic!

Jollie said...

I love the photos from the 'just being born' kitties!!

And your frog is sooo cute with that look she/he has!
You also did a great job on the small house and the benches ;-)

Hugs Jollie