Saturday, July 30, 2011

Inspirational Pictures from my drive..

Well.... I'm back....
This trip is one of those love-hate things.
I love driving through the mountains, I love seeing all the beautiful things that live there. The farms, and big red barns.... the livestock in the fields, seeing the deers eating by the edge of the forest.... the layers of trees that seem to go on forever... and even all the rocks!

But in the same sense I Hate driving through the mountains..... All the ups and down, and sharp turns- it's kinda like a roller coaster, but you control the speed.... and believe me when I tell you I crawl through the mountains, lol... this year I drove alone, so there was No one in the car to tell me how to drive. :) Needless to say it was a very quite drive:)

I did stop at a lookout and took pictures of the rock walls there... I've seen the lookouts before, so I spent my time looking at the rocks, lol. There was a family there that I'm sure thought I was nuts was I got out of my car to take a bunch of pictures of the rock Only a miniaturist would understand:)

This was some old fort..... and a wall leading up a path.

And this was the retaining wall in front of the fort.

I just love all the colors and the cracks.... And the age it shows:)

But my favorite part is this mustard colored moss that grows in spots...... If you make the picture bigger you can see it more clearly:)

I've always thought these 'windmills' were pretty! But it is very surreal to see because of their size... I've been up in the mountains and came around a corner before to see it pretty close up and it just makes me feel like I'm in another dimension or something, lol. Not something you see here in the city. Which by the way is very depressing to come home to after you've spent 3 days driving through the mountains. The rude drivers, the traffic, the smells..... Yup! I'm ready to go back already!

Thursday I did fine..... Friday after I picked my daughter up from camp.... I think I left my mind there! I ended up taking a 3 hour detour through Pennsylvania... and now I know I wasn't even suppose to be in Pa! Dumb ass! Had to go almost all the way back to where camp was to get on the right road! Then when I got to DC, I missed my exit and ended up having to drive back around the beltway to catch it again... then I took the wrong exit... figured out the right way and then 5 minutes before my Mom's there was a huge accident that blocked both sides of the road. Luckily the police let us drive up around the mess to pass. After being on the road since 7 that morning... and it was then almost 9... I was sooooo ready to get out of that Big Bright Red Beast of a thing (that reminded me of a smaller version of the Jeepers Creepers milk truck) that I rented to get through the mountains..... *sigh*

While I was home I had another moment of stupidity. Remember the painted I showed you the other day that I had bought because it reminded me of one at my Mom's house. Well, here's the painting....... And the only thing even close in these two paintings is that there are a few children together. LMAO! Isn't it funny how our minds play tricks on us?! I do like this painting too- an actually plan on trying to find it as well.

Finally got pictures of Dads planes..... Now I just gotta figure out how to do it in mini... Remember- I already have the planes, I just have to paint them now.

Also got a picture of a birdhouse that's been in their garage for a while now, hint, hint!! Anyways- I'd like to make it in mini one day, too. It's a big birdhouse though- that's the leg of a foot stool sitting next to it!

All in all.... it was a good trip. We're home, safe and sound, with no real drama to complain about!

Hopefully next time I'll have some mini news for you.
See ya then!


Caseymini said...

Welcome home, Katie! I am glad you made it safe and sound. What an adventure.

Judith said...

So pleased you enjoyed your trip Katie. I love the walls and have lots of photos of lichen and moss covered trees and walls myself, many of them taken in the highlands of Scotland, so I understand your passion completely! Judith x