Monday, July 18, 2011

Kitty Update

Warning! Lots of kitty pictures to follow:)

The babies are starting to open their eyes... and they were crawling right through the bars on the crate.... so they got moved into a laundry basket..... This way Cleo can get in... and they can't get out:)

Oh... and check out how she's holding the black one:) She's laying on it's head.

Cleo loves the camera....

...but doesn't understand why I'm taking pictures of the babies and not her...

...if you look real close... you will see the black ones little face:)

Isn't this baby just the cutest:) I've had 2 people ask about them, so keep you fingers crossed that they find forever homes...

Sorry about the contrast in colors here.... But check out the black one again..... see that tiny tongue...... so sweet:)

Poor Cleo! She really is a good Mom.... but was taking a break here.... I don't blame her... these babies are full of energy!

Thought I'd share a few other pictures with you...
This is Bella.... Totally not understanding what personal space is all about, lol.

And what about a quick game of Who's in the Monopoly box?

It's Teddy and Bear....

And here's one of Freddy's Weirdo moments.... He really does love being outside:)

And a candid photo if Mini... Sometimes it's so bright outside that I can't see what I'm taking a picture of.... It wasn't until I pulled this up in Picasa that I saw his Mushroom Hat! Too funny!

Sorry I have no minis to show you.... but I've been steadily working on my trade:) I did remember to take pictures along the way, so later this summer I'll be able to share them with you:) I'm excited about it.....

Tomorrow... my Dad is coming to get the kiddos for 2 weeks:) And I just don't know what I'm going to do with myself:) Yes, I do.... I plan on getting lots of work done! I'll let you know when I get stuff listed... I did put a few items up over the weekend..... But there is more to come:)

So.... Until Next Time....


Brandy Wilcoxen said...

Adorable overload!

Jollie said...

Ohhhh my gosh they are sooooo cute!!!
I would adopt one (yes again) right away lol!
Nothing is more adorable to me than a bunch of little kittens that's for sure... :-)
I will keep my fingers crossed that they will all get great forever homes Katie ;-)

I love the pictures of your other cats too! That mushroom on his head... roflol!!!!

Big warm hugs for you and all the cats!

p.s. I finished my little gazebo (didn't take pictures from it yet) how is yours doing? Can I help you with something? Do you need ideas for it??

Judith said...

They're all so beautiful and the mushroom hat is just so funny! I'm sure you'll soon find homes for those cute babies. Judith x

Fabiola said...

They are very very nice. I love cats!
Bye Faby

Marisa said...

Kitteahs!!! I hope they all find good homes, I got to keep one when our cat had her litter. I got them both fixed not too long after so we wont be having anymore.

I should probably post photos of them, I always assume people know what they look like :)


LaLaLand said...

Awww look at those babies! So sweet. Our cats could be, but then all cats could be cousins.

Plushpussycat said...

Your kitties are so cute, Katie! What great candid shots. The kitties in the Monopoly box is so fun. Thanks for sharing!