Monday, December 1, 2008

All I want to do is craft

...and I'm stuck on Otis Patrol!! The bf decided Saturday morning to rip out our bathroom and put in a new one. YIKES!!! Needless to say, it's been a very long weekend......and I still don't have water. This is a picture I took during the demolition..(that's the bf pointing to where the tub used to be!)...I promise to post pictures when it's done.....if it ever gets done?!?!
Good-bye Purple bathroom, good-bye!!
In the mean time.....I gotta watch the brat! LOL, And I thought I was getting the easy job! This cat has been trying to escape for 3 days, and he is relentless! I swear, as soon as we thought we had him locked up, we'd find him half way out a hole! And he's so mouthy!! This afternoon he wandered behind the hot water heater and was getting yelled at to get out.....and all you could hear was him hissing and growling...we laughed so hard at him, we couldn't even reach him, but he knew he was getting into trouble!! He finally decided to give up this afternoon long enough to climb into a plastic storage tub and take a nap. He's ready to have his sink back...You see this spoiled kitty only drinks from the faucet!!! .........Terrible, I know....he does a have a bowl in the kitchen with fresh water.....I guess it's just not fresh enough!!
So, hopefully tomorrow we'll have water.....I'll be a happy girl, and Otis will be a happy kitty.....Although, I don't know what he's going to do now that the sink won't leak anymore??? Guess he'll have to learn to turn it on or something!!! I just can't wait to make something small.....funny how in my Real Life I'm remodeling our bathroom, and in our mini world, we are waiting on a miniature bathroom to arrive...LOL, I think the mini one will be much more fun to do!!!


Debbie said...

Otis sure is a cute Kitty.. Hope your water is back on very soon..

Chris V. said...

Boy, lucky lucky you! We did that already and that was enough! Should've had that mini bathroom handy before your guy got in his handyman mode! ha!