Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Kitty Updates

Sorry, no minis today.......I had to start getting the homemade Christmas gifts made last night~ nothing like waiting till the last minute to start a project....LOL~ I guess you might say that Sometimes, I work better under pressure! So, I can't show you pictures, so you'll have to do with a few mug shots of the kitties!

We found JD sleeping in the most unusual place last the fruit basket, Yup, right on top of the bananas! Funny thing is, is that he was still in that basket this morning....Must of been comfy, I guess?!?!

Pocus says hello.......One of the things I really like about photographing her is all her colors really pop out! She really is a pretty kitty, now if I could just keep her from dragging things out of the trash!And then we have Mr. Otis....He's just a little Spoiled, huh??? Otis has been spending his days in the new bathroom, He loves playing in the tub, and has managed to already tear apart my new shower curtain....Poor shower curtain, it never stood a chance!! (But in his defense, it was just a cheap, inexpensive, plastic, shower curtain!)

OK, well I better get a move on these Christmas gifts! I will try to squeeze a mini or 2 in in the next couple of days........You do realize that it's only a week till Christmas, Yikes!!

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Debbie said...

How Cute are your Kitty's.. JD's photo made me laugh, asleep with the Banana's.. Oh Bless him..