Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Woo-Who! My Package Finally Came!!

I sat by the window all afternoon waiting....actually I was waiting on Friday in some hopes that the package would of taken the pony express!! LOL! Anyways like I was saying, I sat by the window all day waiting on the mailman......And when he finally came, he was package less!! I was so disappointed!! Figured I had to wait another day......until the UPS guy knocked on the door!! Woo-who!! My box is finally here. Let's check out the contents.........
~ There's shingles for Katie's Corner
~ There's a cabinet for the Skate Shop
~ The mirror in the upper right corner will go in the parent's bedroom in Cora's House.

~I finally ordered the right set of books for the bf......It's the Wizardry school book set!~The bathroom for Cora's House....- Check out finish on the bathroom set. Not at all what I expected, but I really like it!!~There was this year's 2008 Christmas plate. This is my Christmas collection......Don't laugh, One day I'll have more.......One day I'd like to make a mini Christmas Kitchen!! I'd love to have a gingerbread scene......I'll never forget the first Gingerbread house my Mom and I made. We'll just say she broke out the glue gun before it was all over with!! LMAO!!! Such good memories:)And last but Not least......HBS (Hobby Builders Supply) sent me the most beautiful set of Christmas cards!! They are of mini Christmas scenes......9 in all! I'm sorry the picture is so crappy, the flash washed out most of it, so I had to crop it down to one side. I have NO clue why when your on my page you can't make the pictures bigger? Anyone have a clue as to what I may have done???I guess now that this stuff has arrived I have no more excuses as to why I haven't finished anything?? LOL.......Dang on blog world......You'll have corrupted me so bad, my one little house has turned into a whole village of houses!!! And just think I still have 3 roomboxes to make (after I finish the ones I have already started) before I can start any kind of new projects! Shhs!!! Hahahahaha!!!!


Debbie said...

I was laughing when I read your post. The trouble with Dolls houses & Miniatures is you start with one and end up with hundreds.. You ought to see this place there crammed everywhere..

Ana Anselmo said...

Hi! Katie
I also love to receive a pack of miniatures; I agree with Debbie 100% (LOL), I am building a new house, but I really don´t know where I am going to put it when I finish it.