Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Skate Shop is Coming Together Nicely!!

I spent way too many hours yesterday, putting these little tiny sticker all over the counter. And of course the bf was here to tell me the right way to do it. I love all his ideas, but gees.....Go away already!! LOL........I put the stickers on straight, and he comes along and tells me they're suppose to be crooked! Oh, they're suppose to look as If I just slapped them on, huh?......I gotta gunk up my pretty counter??? OK...... And heaven forbid I stack the stickers in a nice neat pile! What was I thinking??? Hahaha....Yes, I glued them all in crooked! I do agree that it looks much better like this!!
And what skate shop would be complete with out colored grip tape?? LOL....I actually started by looking for colored sandpaper online, in which I couldn't find any. Then I figured I could just paint regular sandpaper. (Yeah, another duh moment for me....why is it that the easiest thing is normally the last thing you think of?) So here's my painted sandpaper, Uh, I mean my grip tape in all its glory.
The white box at the end is a template for something to hold the grip tape........that's today's project: making a display........hummmmm? Where's the cardboard??

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Debbie said...

Katie, it's looking great.. Can't wait to see it finished..