Monday, September 21, 2009

A New Shop Owner

I have had my eye on this guy for some time now....and finally the other day I broke down and bought him! I thought he'd be perfect for the Skate Shop....And Drew thinks he's cool, too!! He's a little out of scale, stands 7 inches tall, but in real life- he's a big dude, so "No Problemo", Right?? LOL.......

Meet the Terminator: AKA Arnold Schwarzenegger....the Governor of California

And what's that he's got.........A dragon letter!!

Don't know if you can tell....but Otis has been in here "Re-designing". A few skate boards are missing on the back wall~ he ate the little holder things that I had holding them up. And he loves this cork floor. I forgot to turn it around the other night....and next thing I new Otis was in there plucking up the corner......You can't see it in the picture, but I think I may have to pull up the whole thing and lay a new one. There's also little teeth marks in both cabinets. Let's hope Ahhh-Nold does a good job protecting the place:)

Hasta la vista, baby.

I'll Be Back!


rosanna said...

I love him in your shop! he is pefect among the skates! well done

MiniKat said...

Naughty kitty! Here's hoping the governator can protect the place for you. ;-)

Kim said...

He does look like the kind of guy that would run a skate shop to me! Funny how our cats own us instead of the other way around, isn't it? I won't let my cats hear about Otis- I don't want them getting any ideas. Oh, Otis- I still love you :)

Anonymous said...

He looks so good in there. I bet you do a rousing business with him working there. And Otis should know that you don't mess with the terminator. LOL

kathi said...

Great addition! Arnold looks right at home!

Sans! said...

Can Ahhhhh Nold wear bermudas? If so, then this is THE Man for the shop!! LOL. Fantastic buy. I don't think he is out of scale if he is 7". Arnold is huge!

Ana Anselmo said...

Arnold is perfect for the shop! I like the contrast between the black jacket and trousers with the blue of the wall, great idea, (as usuallly....!!!)

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

I think arnold looks perfect in your shop. He doesnt look too big and just looks like a great big tall man.
In skate shops they sell spare wheels. Have you seen those beads that are shaped like skateboard wheels. They are plastic and would be perfect for a display.
I have just emailed you to let you know your gifts for Debbie arrived.
Thank you for sending and joining in.
The gifts you have sent are beautiful and will be treasured by Debbie.
Thank you also for the gifts you sent to me. It was really kind of you and a lovely surprise.
I will make good use of them and show you what i come up with.
Best wishes, Nikki xxx

Lena said...

I just love it!
Arnold fitsy perfect in the shop!

My son also collect fingerboards, maybe I can have them later on, when he doesn´t want them....So I can made a shop also!


Deni said...

Oh Arnold looks great! so cool
Fancy the governor having a shop, man of many talents don't you think?