Monday, September 14, 2009

An Evening with Otis

List of things to do:
First.....Warm up the school supplies before the kid starts his homework.....This will take a few minutes, so be patient!

Then.....find a good napping spot and guard it with your life! (He's actually yawning here, but he looks tough, doesn't he?!)

Next, it's time to give Mom a bath. Gotta make sure you don't miss anything!

And when all is said and done......You gotta go guard the potato chips! You never know who may try to steal a bag in the middle of the night.......


Caseymini said...

Hey Otis! It looks like you have the job covered! I just dare anyone to try stealing YOUR potato chips!Cute blog, Katie!LOL

Anonymous said...

Cool. I like spending time with Otis.

Kim said...

Oh Otis- you work so hard. You really should train your humans to reward you more often for all the hard work you do. Sigh. A cat's work is never finished.

Very cute Katie- thank you for my Otis fix today ♥

A. Wright said...

Such a helpful boy, always taking special care of his family :)