Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Rest of the far

Thought I start this entry with my favorite baby so far...Isn't she cute! I love her brown dress with that gray shirt! And her pig tails.

This next set was the set that was still in the toaster oven, the last time I posted. I went a little lighter with the hair on the one on the right....And for some reason these babies got bigger than I wanted them, but they're still adorable!
And then I made these. The one on the left was made to go in Cora's Red room......Thought she'd be cute sitting in the chair in there. The gray one I made because I like those colors together....poor baby doll! I lost her baby the other day. I had taken her with me to show someone, and when I came home... I was holding her in my hand and trying to unlock the front door when I dropped her......and Her baby fell down under the porch. My oldest was kind enough to climb under there and set out a search party for her, but she was never found. Sounds silly, but I hate leaving her down there all by herself. :(
So, on Monday I decided to try another baby and fingers wouldn't corporate. She's too big, her arms are too long.......her hands are huge......She's just all wrong. But I do like the colors:)

...What, how'd he get in here??? ((~giggling~))
Otis found the perfect pillow...........

Then yesterday....I decided to try something else. I'm sure you Ladies will know what this is....But for sh*ts and giggles.....go ask a man in the house what it looks like. Mine were really Rude with their reply!! LMAO!!! ~No! I'm not going to tell you that they said it looked like a "girl's toy" with bunny slippers on!! BOYS!!! Stupid, stupid boys! So glad I can amuse them!! LOL!

And this is the little girl that got the other pair of legs I made. I still need to make another one. Her hair is to thick...and her eyes are uneven.....But she's so cute it doesn't matter, right. LOL.....Oh, I also have to remember to Wash my hands before I play with white clay. The flower on her dress has dirt all over it! Ugg!

She got the 'good' slippers, lol. (The other set's ears are a little sloppy) Don't they look fun from this angle??
And look....I even gave them tails:)
...and a side view~ can you tell I like my bunny slippers:) ??
....Then when all was said and done last night, I curled up into bed, put in Disney's Tarzan for the billionth time....and played with my babies:) Cora has some little things that came from different sets that I pulled out to see what I could find, and Bingo! The perfect sized high chair for a baby doll! And a bottle and a bowl:)
And then I came across those furniture sets that I got from Michael's.....You know that 1/2 scale sets that all of us were buying a few months ago.......Well.... Look! This bench is just the right size!! All it needs now is some paint .
I have had a lot of fun playing the past few days, and it has helped me to focus on the lighter side of life! Minis bring out the kids in you.....and it is so nice to sit back and not worry about the drama!

So......Until Next Time:)


MiniKat said...

Love the babies! :-)

Too bad about the piece under the porch. I'd feel the same way about it though, so you're not alone. ;-)

Sans! said...

Oooooooh, the bunny slippers are too cute. What a great idea :):). All your girls are lovely, none too big, too small, too high, too short. All perfect little creatures and the lost baby will turn up. And you can make her good again :)

Deni said...

oh they are just lovely!
cutest little slippers too
your very clever!

CA Verstraete said...

cute cute cute! they look adorable with the furniture. The high chair is perfect. i can see a whole house with those!

Kim said...

They are all so cute Katie- I love the one you made for Cora's goth room the most. Thank you for my Otis fix- oh how I love Otis!

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

They are all lovely and the bunny slipper are so cute. I hope the little baby under the house is not lonely and can be found somehow. I too would worry about her.
I love all you have made!
Nikki x

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Oh these are too cute!! My favourite is the first, she is adorable. What a fab idea, I reckon you could sell them even in bigger sizes too, they would look lovely sitting on a little girls bedroom shelf, real size!!! Kate xx

Julie Old Crow said...

Oh-so sorry Baby is lost under the porch! she'll turn back up, you wait and see! When you least expect it. In the meantime, she's probably visiting the Little People.

Julie Old Crow

Mercedes Spencer @ Liberty Biberty said...

You are just getting cleverer by the day Katie!! They are all GORGEOUS! Love their little babies and the bunny slippers are just AMAZING!