Monday, February 28, 2011

From Around the World..

Not to long ago, Sans was blogging about nesting dolls, so I thought I'd add in my 2 cents. Both my father and my step-father were in the military...and they traveled a Lot..... I remember being a kid and waiting for my Father to open his suitcase, to see what he had brought home this time......One of my favorite things were the dolls!

This first one is stamped with a sticker that says made in the USSR. I'm thinking I've had them for over 25 years.

These next ones came from my Step-Dad. I do believe they came from India?! Correct me if I'm wrong...please!
I do believe these last ones also came from my Step-Dad. The bigger one came from Hawaii....And I do believe the wooden one came from Korea?! Then there's that pin cushion that we all have....We actually have 2, a pink one and this for me, and one for Cora.
I do love my dolls.... I love how they're all so different! .......I had to put a bug in Dad's ear the other day the my collection wasn't complete, lol. I'm hoping he heard me, Cora needs her own collection, too, Ya know:) ....... and What about you..... Any dolls in your collection??

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Ana Anselmo said...

oh! Katie that´s funny, I have a set of Russian dolls, exactly the same as yours mother brougt from the URSS 25 five year ago...
I also have a wooden doll very similar to that one from Korea, but it is from Japan.

Sans! said...

You really do have very exotic dolls from all over the world, Katie! They look so familiar, like I have seen them when I was a child, especially those you think are from India. The costumes definitely look Indian but they could be made in Indonesia as well. I'll need to check :).

The Korean one is actually Japanese, Katie, and of course those friendship pincushions are from China. I love them. You can see some of my vintage dolls / toy collection at my 2nd anniversary post, Katie :)

Lataina said...

Katie, your dolls are beautiful! =)

Katie said...

Thank-you for letting me know about the Japanese doll....I won't forget again:)