Friday, February 25, 2011

Just a quick question

First! Let me say Hello to everyone! And Thank-you for still reading my blog even though I'm in the 'habit' right now of being a very bad blogger! Money! That's all I gotta say....Everything costs money...and well...I ain't got any, Lmao!! So.... Here's my question.....Anyone know of any online program that I can edit my pictures in? I think I've actually lost all of mine, which really makes me mad! But there's nothing I can do about it, and I've got to move on.....Dang on Computers! They will be the death of me yet! I just want to blog....Is that Just too much to ask for??? lol

Thank-you in advance for any help you may offer:)

Until Next Time!!!
.....Oh and wait till you see the mini Churches birdhouses I made! They're almost as awesome as the barns:)


Ana Anselmo said...

I don´t understand very well what you really need....I would love to help you and to see you here more often, I miss you a lot!
Please explain it better...
love from Lisbon

Jennifer Hatt said...

You can do some things in Paint which is usually on your computer. I will check with my hubbie for you.


Caseymini said...

Katie, I have a friend that uses picasa and swears by it. Just put that in your search and you should come up with their home page. Good luck. I wanna see the birdhouses!

MiniKat said...

If you're just doing simple things like resizing, rotating, and brightness issues GIMP is pretty good and it's free.

I use it when I resize photos for websites.

Jollie said...

Dear Katie,

I could look for you it I can find something, I do all my 'photshopping' with Paintshop Pro, but that is installed on my pc... so I am not familiar with an on-line program, but I can check something out if you would like that?
I am sorry that you have this problem with your computer and don't have the money for another one... that s..cks!! ;)
Please don't let your head hang down girl!!
Is there nobody you know, with an old computer that you could borrow or so?

Warm hugs, Jollie

Jollie said...

Dear Katie,

Maybe I found something... you have to check them out for yourself:

There are much more to find out there if you can google 'online photo editor'.

Warm hugs, Jollie

Kim said...

Katie!!!!! I am so glad to see you post girl!! I don't have any advice on the photo editing- but I am anxious to see the new birdhouses! I hope you can find one so we can see some of your wonderful creations again soon ♥ Take care and a big huge huge hug to ya!!

Katie said...

Thank you for all the suggestions! I'm off to see what I can do about it now.


Sans! said...

I use xnview . Easy and free :) There's photoscape as well. Also free.

KJ McLean said...

I recommend

Some features require a subscription, but the basics are free.