Friday, September 16, 2011

Easy Basket Idea...

My Mom gave me these hole punches that she no longer needed, and it gave me an idea... I thought they'd make some really pretty baskets!

Once you figure out which one you want to use... you will need to punch to designs next to each other so they look like one continuous design. Then your first cut is going to be where I have the arrows drawn.... and your second cut is where the stitch line is- this line can be moved depending on how tall you want you basket.

I wanted mine short..... but you can still see the pen marks from the arrows on the sides...don't worry!

Use heavy paper- I'm using something colorful so you can see it better! But a thicker paper will work better. Anyways roll this piece around a Round pen until the paper is curved....

Then decide where to cut it. You do need some to overlap so you can glue it together. Let it dry.... and then this is where it's just like Marlies' pitchers. Glue piece to paper, cut out and paint. (I'm skipping the details, if you need more.. just ask:)

And here's mine..... I started these a Long time ago.... and have just finally gotten around to finishing painting them. LOL... took me forever to decide what color I wanted them... they have been white, linen, cream, moss, green, silver, and then finally vintage white...

These are going in The Painted Lady..... one day...... And what are they going to hold?

But my mini sea shell collection, of course:)

Hope everyone has a great weekend:)

...until next time...


Fabiola said...

It's a fantastic idea. Thanks.
Bye Faby

Unknown said...

realmente preciosa. yo no encuentro los cacharros esos.

cockerina said...

Thanks Kathi, the problem for me is to find the punches! in the country where I live, they are not for sale, I'd buy them from abroad, and postage cost a lot ... : (
however, I suggest as well use the "scraps" that come out after the cut!
In fact, with small embroidery, you can decorate the houses of the birds!
or even decorate shelves, jars, and many other items!
but surely you have already thought of that, right? ;)
Have a wonderful weekend!
kisses, Caterina

The Old Maid said...

Beautiful result! Thank you for sharing:)

Katrina said...

Good idea! Your baskits are really nice. Have a nice weekend. Kati

Lataina said...

Katie! It's soooooo cute!!!! I don't have punches so I've made mine with those scissors with the decorative edges. I LOVE these! They're irresistible with the shells! And omg, I can never decide on a color I always end up falling back on the whites....ivory, vintage, antique, =D

rosanna said...

Katie they are so lovely, great idea as usual. Rosanna

Caseymini said...

Katie!!! Those are amazing...I love your basket idea!

Norma Bennett said...

They look fabulous, good creative thinking :)

Ana Anselmo said...

great job, Katie! they look so shabby chic!!!

Kathi said...

How pretty! Love the seashells too!
Thanks for the tips. :D Hope you have a nice weekend too!

onbeingaminimum said...

I can't believe how such a simple idea has worked so perfectly. They look marvellous.

Plushpussycat said...

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing, Katie!

mintwonderland said...

great idea!!

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