Sunday, September 18, 2011

A new size sign....

I found these tiny tiny stamps at the crafts store yesterday..... and made a few signs with them.... I ABSOLUTELY love these tiny signs!!! ((LOL... I came running in here last night after I made this one, and shoved it right up in the kids' faces, to where it scared them a little and when they read it.. they giggled! Weidro Mom!))

Just so you can see.... tiny, small... and large. I am working on a Christmas custom order, and I needed a stamp, so I called my Mom, asked her if she had it... and next thing I know, I'm getting a package with 15 different stamps in it.... Silly Mom! But now I have some different signs to make for the shop:) I love this Peace on Earth sign! And the FAMILY sign came from the same type of set as the BOO one did... too cute! I so hope I can find these at Christmas! (I bought these 2 sets yesterday- a Thanksgiving set and a Christmas set- both were only $1... oops-wait! They were on sale... they were both only .60 each! :)

Well.... I'm off to go catch up on some work that I am way behind on! The weather isn't helping this weekend... It's cold and rainy and I would just love to lay in bed all day. Too bad the kids don't get that, lol.

..until next time!


Lataina said...

Wow Katie, those are tiny! Love the blue and very pretty! =)

Caseymini said...

Verrry Nice. Verrry Scary!LOL