Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Poor Fella and the Tree Root

Earlier this year, my bf got himself a blueberry bush. Every day he goes outside and waters it... and talks to it... and picks the grass and weeds from around it. He loves blueberries and was really excited to see all the berries on it.....BUT.... so are the birds, lol. He'll got out and see them just starting to turn colors... and then he'll go back the next morning and it's gone. It's actually been kinda funny... in a cute way. However... He was finally able to pick one the other day and bring it in... And then it got taken again.... It sure does look like a yummy blueberry, Doesn't it?

...So... all that talk about tree roots, got me wanting to work on my Tree House. Yes... It's been a long time:)

First thing was first... I had to go outside (early this morning so my neighbors didn't think I was crazy, although.....) anyways...I had to study it... and take pictures of it.

Then I came in and worked.... I got both sides done.

All I have left to do now is the front and the top...

The top is where my knots will go... When I figure out how to make them look a little better. And....I ran out of paper clay ( I had found 2 packs stashed away:)).... So, My little Tree House will go back on the shelf until my clay arrives:)

Hope everyone is having a great 4th of July:) Be safe!!

Until Next Time


Lucille said...

This looks interesting to say the least! You certainly are a fast worker! I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of it!

Dawn said...

Tell him to buy bird netting to throw over the bush. He can take it off when the berries are done and store it for next year.

Fabiola said...

Your Tree House looks fantastic.
Bye Faby

A. Wright said...

Great to see you working on your treehouse again, love that project.

Yep, as Dawn said next year he can put some inexpensive netting (almost any type will do)over them when they're sprouting berries. Should only have to have them covered for about 2 weeks, looks silly maybe but worth it.

Kim said...

Your poor bf- I agree on the bird netting. He can share when the bushes are doing better :) It's good to see the Tree House again- looking nice!

Ana Anselmo said...

Katie, your tree house! good idea I love it and I really want to see it finish (LOL), well about the berries , a like the sotry...poor bf

Unknown said...

Cant wait to see the final result,love tree houses!besitos :)