Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I found a new spot...

...to take pictures:) We have a tree root that goes through our yard that the cats use as a scratching post. While I was out there yesterday I noticed the mossy spots... and then today I discovered the hole on the side. My birdhouses balance perfectly in there:)

These will be getting listed in the store over the next few days. I'm still having fun photographing them, lol.

Well... until I got up and my Spot got hijacked! But then again... it is His spot:)

I also got some time this morning to play in the Glass House. I've really gotta come up with a better name, huh. I've pulled in the side table from Cora's house.... shhh- don't tell her, lol.... and sanded it down to make it look a little older. I still need to go back and add some paint though to give it that special touch:) ...and if you look under the table you'll see one of my Favorite birdhouses... I've really got to get my butt in gear and make some more of these!

And I really want to find something that I can use to wrap around the back of this to give it an outdoor feel. Like an image of a field....or a forest? I was thinking I could use a piece of poster board for now... Just something so you don't see the wall behind it.

I love that little Hippo... And my stone pigs:)

I just ordered a few Garden books to lie about... and I'm gonna need a Lot of plants. I also need to build a shelf, and hang the one from Casey. Oh and my big birdhouse needs wheels on the bottom of that stand. I have them- just have to figure out what I did with them.

As Always... Thanks for looking:)

Until Next Time...


Kim said...

That is a perfect picture spot Katie! The little table looks perfect in the glass house too :)

Lucille said...

I see you've found a cute little niche to take your photos. Your glass house has a lot of interesting pieces in it. You do have the magic touch when it comes to putting things together!

Ana Anselmo said...

your glass house looks great...I am waiting for the perfect exterior. I love the root tre for the tiny birdhouses.
hugs for all the family including the cats

Fabiola said...

Your glass house has wonderful things.
Bye Faby