Thursday, July 19, 2012

Retail Thearpy:)

I had some much needed retail therapy at two of our thrift stores yesterday:) I love it when I find something I feel is really good for next to nothing:) Like these Cupcake plates! They were only $0.69 a piece:) I just couldn't pass them up. I tried... but I went back:) I just couldn't get over how girlie and fun they are!! They read cake... doll cake... sweet cake... and dream cake... so sweet! :)

Then I found these. The color spoke to me! I love the bright yellow... So cheerful! I bought 3... but Otis got to one.. and now I have 2. Luckily they were only $0.45 a piece:)

And what would a trip to the thrift store be without buying a tin? Who could pass this up? I love the image and the poems! (...and it only cost me a quarter!:)

My last 2 buys were a little more pricey at $
But I am a sucker for a good illustration!

This one is from a book called In My Dreams I can Fly. (written by Eveline Hasler and illustrated by Kathi Bhend)... Beautiful book! And just look at that 'home'.... It's the grubs house- he lives underground in a root ball... It shows you each of their homes, and is super cute. And if you didn't notice- They're playing cards, LMAO!

The other book I bought is Alice in Wonderland (illustrated by Eric Kincaid). I collect certain books, and when they have great pictures in them... I pick them up. But this one had a picture of something I hadn't seen before... Do you know who's house this is?

It's the March Hare's. Do you see the bunny ears? The book says it thatched in fur:) OMG- I love it! Like I said I hadn't seen this idea before, so the book came home with me too.

Of course now my head is rolling with ideas about all the houses I still want to build... lol... Oh my- I just got rid of my headache, hehe....
Hope this gives you some ideas, too:)

Until Next Time...


Caseymini said...

Love the purchases, Katie! I am going to have to look for that Alice. The illustration is outstanding...I first guessed the white rabbit....Then I noticed that it wasn't white!LOL

Maria Ireland said...

You got some great bargains. I love the yellow bowls and the books are fantastic.
Hugs Maria

Ana Anselmo said...

wow! I love all of them! the books are just amazing great inspiration indeed ;)))!