Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My favorite places

It feels really good when you actually finish something! I printed out these pictures I have taken on my journeys, and matted them....but, I knew they needed frames. I cut the frames out myself, didn't measure a thing, and all are just a little off, but I think it adds to the character! Of course I wanted to take the short cut, and leave them as they look in the first picture.....but, someone had to come along and suggest that I add that little piece of wood to the inside of the frame, and I knew I had to.

It really does make them stand out a little more.

Then, I painted them white, and thought they were a little too white. I took a finger nail file to them, and roughed them up a little.

And then today, I finally took them outside and tried to get a good picture. It was a little cloudy, but at least it's not blurry!!

OK, so where are these places?
Starting in the upper left, we have Mt. Rushmore~ with a llama peeking around the corner~ I love photoshop!! The picture in the upper right is at Jackson's Mill, in WV. Somehow this picture ended up with bubbles in it?!?!
And on the bottom row from left to right is: Devil's Tower, WY; The Natural Bridge, VA; and the last is of a tree in Yellowstone National Park.......................

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Babylon said...

This is interesting you have time and patience dowork with the frames:) I am not bothering to frame the photos I took,such as this one: