Thursday, April 17, 2008

Some things for The Pink Bedroom

I figured my room was going to need some storage, so I made these. The shoeboxes I got from a pattern, and the long boxes will go under the bed, I made with my own pattern. I even made a square box, but don't know what's going to live there yet. Do you see the big art supply box, I opened it so you could see all the supplies in there.

I love these......I found this printie online, and I love it! Every big girl's bedroom needs a Victoria Secret's bag, right? And Jungle Undies?? (Google Jungle undies and/or mishellyzoo to find them)

Oh, and I repainted the bedroom a much lighter pink, and painted the ceiling white. I think it looks better. I'm still thinking I should paint the trim white, too.......time will tell.

And of course.....the teddy bears I made out of polymer clay. Ok, I know, they are not ALL bears, but you get the idea. The pink ones will go in the bedroom; I've got to take a better picture of the bunny, she's hiding in the back. The brown ones got burnt in the toaster over~ but everyone said it adds character.

And the material I bought to redo the bed. I'd really like to either make a quilt or pay someone to do it for me. Me and the sewing machine bump heads, and I'd really love a patchwork quilt!! It's one of those things I know I can do, but really don't want to, ya know??

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